Review of the Best Spy Apps for iPhone

In the age of the internet, a lot goes on as far as our mobile gadgets are used. For, the same internet built to help us make our lives easier makes life difficult for some through cyberbullying, time and resource wastage and many other deviations from the primary purpose. For

How to Protect Your PDF Files in a PDF Reader

Security is one of the main reasons why so many people, especially organizations, prefer to keep their important files in PDF format by using PDF reader. For example, let us consider Microsoft Word. It does allow you to prepare documentation but doesn't promise any kind of security. PDF readers on the

Best Android Apps to Stream Live TV Channels for free

There’s no dearth of the best Android Apps to Stream your favorite TV shows when you want. But not many apps and app developers bother about making Live TV available for people to use when they want. The result is that many still think you need to login to a

How to Transfer Contacts & SMS from iPhone to Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most notable flashship Android phones being launched recently. A lot of folks who use iPhone are now switching to Galaxy S8 because of its excellent hardware specs and design. However, there would be some problem when getting to a whole new device. And

How to Transfer Files from Computer to Phone without USB Cable

For most people, moving files between their computer and smartphones is a process that can only take place with a USB cable. If your computer doesn't have Bluetooth technology, your options on the wireless side are very much limited to the USB cable. However, there are several ways you can

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