Pros and Cons of Modern Technology for Kids

We are living in a generation where technology has taken over. A generation wherein a child who hasn’t yet learned how to talk can already unlock a smartphone and launch an installed app. Kids these days are smitten with technology, although perhaps it is not that they adore technology so

Review of the Top VoIP Apps, best Communication Apps

Voice Over Internet Protocol services allow for communication using the internet rather than cash credit like the normal communication services our devices have. At the moment, there are thousands of these apps and services. In our VoIP apps review, we focused on giving the very best of the VoIP service

Amazing CMD or Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks for Windows 10

Windows is a very diverse operating system. Most users restrict themselves to simple aspects such using Microsoft Office apps and the VLC media player app. However, there some command prompt tricks and hacks that can unleash so much more in your use of the computer. Here, we focus on a

How to Use Android Camera to Solve Maths Problems

Ever had a difficult math problem and you are out of time yet the tutor wants you to show how you go to the answer (if you get to the answer that is)? Well, with the Photomath app, you can solve any maths problem with a simple Android phone! All