A Few Important Safety Tips for Newbies on Instagram

It's been quite some time since Instagram stormed the social media world. And now everyone seems to be rushing to make their presence noticed over this portal. Whether you are a business security Solutions in Houston or Derbyshire, or you have a car rental business in any other part of

How to Change Your WhatsApp Number to USA Number +1

Today’s WhatsApp trick features how to change your WhatsApp number to USA number with the +1 code fro your existing WhatsApp account. Having a WhatsApp number with a USA code has many advantages including giving you privacy besides the cool factor. I could go on and on about the advantages,

How to Hide Two Images in One on WhatsApp

Another WhatsApp trick comes your way and this time it is how to hide two images in one on WhatsApp. As the most popular messaging and calling app, WhatsApp has many interesting tricks that one can use to make the experience even more interesting. Among the latest tricks is one

Best smartphone apps to enhance picture and video quality

Nothing best keeps a moment like a well-taken picture at the right angles and with the perfect pixels. The secret could be in use of smartphone apps to enhance picture and video quality. Gone are the days when one would rely on the factory made cameras for snapping a photo.

Understanding the Working of GPS Based Cell Phones

Almost every other cell phone that is sold these days has one or other kind of GPS receiving ability. It is an inbuilt feature that is offered by almost every other kind of company. Why is it necessary? Imagine you are in an emergency and need to find the nearest