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Hello guys. Welcome to Technology sage. Today we are going to learn how to flash Samsung S7262. This model was one of the first Samsung smartphones to get into the market when smartphones were first entering the market. It doesn’t have many features but it still has the power to keep you going. It has the basic features you can get on a smartphone.

To those people who still want to still remain old-school, there are chances you are still having this phone. Or rather, you have just purchased it. Anyway, to cut the long story short, smartphones develop problems at one point. Software problems might cause your phone to stick on the boot loop, start hanging or maybe just go off and never boot up. In such cases, if you are having a software problem either boot loop, hanging problems, or your Samsung S7262 freezing, then you need to flash it.

If you are experiencing the above problems on your Samsung pocket, before you do the flashing, try and do a hard reset. At some point, it might just fix your problem. If by hard resetting you still experience the same problems or your Samsung S7262 is dead due to a software problem, then you can flash your phone to unbrick it. I am going to take you through the steps on how to flash Samsung S7262. You can also read our article on How to install Windows Operating System on Android Phone or tablet

How to Flash Samsung S7262 using Odin.

Samsung is based on a QUALCOMM Snapdragon chipset. Samsung flashing tool is called Odin. There are different versions of the Odin flash tool. Follow the following steps to flash Samsung S7262.

Step 1

The first step is to download Samsung S7262 Firmware. You can download this stock firmware online for free. After you have downloaded the zip file, extract it in a folder. You will see the files as shown below.


The firmware folder contains the Stock Firmware for your Samsung S7262. You will see a folder for Odin which is the flashing tool and The Samsung driver folder.

Step 2

Open the Samsung Driver folder and install the drivers for your Windows PC. Sometimes without the drivers, your phone will not be recognized by your PC. Therefore, having drivers installed is very important. If you had previously installed them, then there is no need to install them again. Well, in either case, proceed to the next step. Please, if interested, you can also read another article on How to Flash Tecno F1 8+1E 1 Firmware.  

Step 3

After you have installed your drivers, it is now time to launch your flashing tool. Now, here is the challenge. The Odin version that comes with the firmware doesn’t flash this phone. I don’t know if you can try. But in my case, it just didn’t work. I was prompted to download a different version. I used Odin 3.07. You can download Odin 3.10 from this link. If the one that comes within the firmware works for you, it is ok if it doesn’t, then try a different version. But for this article, I used version 3.10 for the latest version didn’t work. It froze on starting flash. In either case, open the Odin folder, run Odin as Administrator.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\odin 3.10.JPG

Step 4

Now, you need to connect your phone to the computer via USB cable. Usually, on MTK and SPD phones, you will press the volume up and connect your phone when it is off. But with Samsung phones, it is different. You need to have your phone in download mode. To do so, press a combination of keys in the following sequence: Volume down+home button+power key. A combination of these keys will get your Samsung phone in download mode. Press volume up to get to download mode. See the screenshot below.

C:\Users\HP\Desktop\samsung-s5301-galaxy-pocket-download mode.jpg

Now, connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable. You will hear the usual windows device connection notification. On Odin, you will see the connection under ‘ID COM’ and ‘Added’ under the message as shown below.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\SAMSUNG 1.PNG

Step 5

If you are using Odin 3.12.5, click on the ‘BL’ button to select and load your firmware from the folder you extracted. In this case of Samsung S7262, there is only one MDR5 file. If you are using Odin version 3.07, just click on the ‘PDA’ Button. Navigate to a folder where you extracted your firmware and click ‘open’ to load it.


Now, click the ‘START’ button to start flashing your Samsung S7262.

Step 6

After you click the START button, flashing will begin. In the meantime, be patient and don’t interfere with the phone because any interruption during flashing might damage your phone. You will see the flashing progress in green just as shown in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\SAMSUNG S7262.JPG

After flashing has been done, your phone will automatically start resetting. Just wait and don’t remove the USB cable from your computer yet. Let the resetting process be done and now on the Odin dashboard, you will see ‘PASS.’ This indicates that flashing has been completed successfully.


Step 7

Remove the USB cable from your computer. Just don’t interrupt your phone yet. Leave it on its own to boot up with the new Stock ROM. This process might take some minutes. If it takes unusually long like 30 minutes, then it means there is a problem with flashing or the firmware you flashed is erroneous. Repeat the process or download another firmware. All in all, your Samsung S7262 should boot up and now you will have to complete the first setup steps and your phone should be working. That is how to flash Samsung S7262.

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