VoIP Reseller Opportunities: How to Get Customers to Come to You

For someone who wants to become a VoIP reseller, recurring revenue options are becoming increasingly important, and one option is VoIP. It has become increasingly common to sell VoIP because communication is the cornerstone to every business’s success. Getting started reselling VoIP is pretty simple, and you don’t need to be an expert in its complex technology. All you need to get started with VoIP is an essential awareness of what it is and the most important features and advantages it delivers to today’s businesses.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Beta Company to get started if you are interested in being a VoIP reseller. Partnering with Beta Company, a fully managed hosted White label VoIP provider with the best customer care in the industry, will open the opportunity to different types of VoIP reseller businesses.

Things to keep in mind when getting started

Pick a Business Model That Fits Your Purpose

Where do you fit in the model of VoIP business? In the VoIP reselling industry, there are three basic models, each of which has a different scale of responsibility and its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

1. Choosing a reliable VoIP service provider

This is the most straightforward method for becoming a sales agent for a well-known VoIP service provider. You’ll function as their partner and market the service to your consumers while most of the time earning a commission from the sale of the product. However, you must be able to acquire consumers and guide them in the right direction without the assistance of technical experts. It’s still your business, but we take care of the VoIP service for your customers, so you can focus on what you do best: selling your product or service. Some may believe that the inability to regulate the pricing for your consumers is a drawback of this solution. Beta Company is always upfront and straightforward; there are no gimmicks or hidden fees. The VoIP system’s price is transparent, so you know exactly how much it will cost you and your clients.

2. As a VoIP Reseller, Create Your Own Solution

The second choice is to work for an established VoIP provider as a self-sufficient VoIP reseller. You are selling the product and services as your own, which means that you have to accept full responsibility for provisioning and servicing the VoIP system that you are selling to your clients. Then what about the time it takes to fix a problem and console a consumer if something goes wrong? The long-term benefit may be more profits, but you’ll have to sacrifice your time because you’ll be spending more time on VoIP technical support rather than on your core skill. As a VoIP operator and technician, you must have sufficient expertise; many resellers prefer to outsource this work to a VoIP provider so they may focus on their primary services.

3. Resell a VoIP Solution: White-Label

The third alternative is to work as a VoIP reseller. If you choose your own VoIP service provider, you’ll be able to set your prices and terms of service. A lack of system provisioning and technical assistance from the VoIP operator will necessitate a search for your technical resources. Having more control over your consumers necessitates taking on the responsibilities of billing, troubleshooting, and technical support.

 So, what skills do you need to succeed in this field?

Even though each business model demands a different set of skills and a varied amount of VoIP system understanding, they all require some knowledge in sales and marketing. You have overcome the most challenging obstacle when reaching your clients and persuading them to buy from you. Having robust lead-generation methods and knowledgeable salespeople are the keys to success as a reseller dealing with VoIP. Some technical know-how is required if you plan on providing customer service and VoIP solutions on your own. Understanding the network and how data configure internet routers and IP telephones is foundational knowledge required to get started in the industry. There’s no reason why you can’t shift from IT installation and maintenance to selling VoIP solutions with the skills you currently have in your toolbox.

VoIP Providers: What You Need to Know

In the United States, many VoIP service providers are eager to work with you. They all use the same basic core technology and provide nearly identical functionality. The quality of customer service, pricing, contract terms, commercial conditions, and working procedures set apart good VoIP providers from the rest. Consider the following 12 factors:

  • The service’s pricing structure. Features that come at an additional price? Does the plan include phone service?
  • How much money do you earn? Commissions vs. the buying price and markup.
  • The supplier’s track record. Review feedback from clients and business partners.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, how easy is it to get in touch with someone at the vendor?
  • How simple is it to order new products?
  • Is there a quota, target, or minimum that needs to be met?
  • There are long-term contracts in place for both you and your clients.
  • What additional services do you offer that the vendor competes with yours on?
  •  Whether or if the vendor has a direct sales team is a question that needs to be answered.
  • Is pre-sale consulting something that the vendor offers?
  • What if you need the vendor to set up the system and provide technical support?
  • Are there any upgrades or new features that you can get from the seller if you require them?

How to Choose a Target Audience for Your Products and Services

The good news is that a VoIP solution may be used by any organization, regardless of its size. Phone numbers and call management systems are essential for every business. You can narrow your focus to industries in your area that you have a good chance of reaching.

To begin, talk to existing clients trying to grow their business or are looking for a more capable phone supplier for their company. They are more likely to be interested in the benefits and features of a fully managed Hosted VoIP System because they already trust you.

What is the Best Way to Stand Out from the Crowd?

It’s a terrific method to maintain client trust by removing long-term VoIP contracts. In addition to demonstrating your willingness to go the extra mile for your customers each month, contract termination dates might be a motivating factor for customers to seek elsewhere. For the sake of long-term client loyalty, you want your customers to select your company over any other. Changing your company’s operations is a nuisance; don’t give them the reason.

Final Thoughts

Taking away the idea of a contract for clients is an excellent method to build and maintain trust. Customers are more likely to switch providers if their contracts are month-to-month and recurrent. Beta Company and consumers who work together are never tied into long-term contracts since our team is dedicated to servicing and gaining your trust every day.

With this knowledge, you can now select your target audience and develop any necessary abilities to start your profession as a VoIP provider or business model developer.

Reach on us and we’ll provide you with all the necessary steps you need so you can be a successful VoIP reseller.

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