Remote Monitoring and Management Software and its Resourcefulness during the COVID times

As the name suggests, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is all about remote monitoring and management of IT infrastructure. The software is mostly used by managed service providers (MSPs) to monitor IT systems, including servers, desktops, laptops, and software by installing software and then monitoring and controlling activities over a secure network. This means the client’s IT operations could be achieved without entering the client’s office.  

How Does RMM Work?

For deploying Remote Monitor &Management software, MSPs install a lightweight software agent on client servers, hypervisors, networking devices, laptops, and all other devices linked with the network.

This software agent enables MSPs to collect real-time data on the overall health of the client’s IT ecosystem. More importantly, it helps them control and monitor remote devices.

Another crucial thing: One can install the RMM tool without VPN and firewalls. When you install an RMM tool is a device, technicians can easily monitor and manage devices from anywhere.

Few basic functions of modern RMM tools:

  • Remote monitoring and management of all endpoints
  • A single centralized console to monitor and manage all your devices, irrespective of your location
  • Automation of routine IT process, including server maintenance, software patch management and auto-remediation of issues, which in turn leads to cost savings
  • Absolute endpoint security as it easily integrates with antivirus solutions.
  • Backup solutions for reliable recovery and uptime
  • RMM are scalable solutions that help meet the growing needs of clients
  • RMM tool backed by modern and intuitive UI increases efficiency and reduces staff training requirements.

Over time, RMM tools have being loaded with features allowing technicians to use it beyond monitoring affairs. In addition to monitoring, they could use it to secure devices, back up data and automate IT processes, thereby offloading regular tasks and easing the burden on themselves.

How RMM tools can prove to be resourceful in Pandemic times

With work from home becoming a commonplace, scalability and flexibility have become the need of the hour for IT companies. This is where RMM solutions can help out as the software is good at managing IT services remotely.

A SaaS-based RMM system will offer scalability and control like no other. So, in case if the number of remote workers escalates, the network will be able to cope, and employees won’t face any unnecessary interruptions. RMM software could be deployed either through the cloud or through on-premises. However, the control of the architecture stays with the client.

If the situation worsens, further straining the network in the process, adjustments could still be made without disturbing the network’s quality.

Plus, it offers a range of integration options and support. The flexibility in integration ensures that you don’t have to change everything at once in the network environment.

Switching to the RMM system, in a way, ensures that employees are not just prepared for COVID but for the post COVID era as well as it has got immense potential to assist remote working force.

Some well-known RMM software includes

Kaseya VSA enables streamlining and automating your IT services via a single platform. Kaseya VSA makes your IT staff more productive and reliable, and your systems more secure. VSA capabilities include: Remote Monitoring, Patch Management, Monitoring, AV/AM, Remote Control, and more

Clever Control is powerfully equipped to monitor and manage almost 500 team members, remotely. It’s cloud-based and allows monitoring of user activity from any place and any device. The major features include screenshot capture, keystroke recording, URL control, social activity monitoring, mic and web and so on.

Pulseway software offers to remotely monitor and control IT systems from any device, which, in turn enables IT admins to fix issues on-the-fly and be more productive.

We never know what the future has in store for us. However, we could have some control over our IT operations by leveraging Remote Monitering and Management solutions.

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