How to Add WhatsApp Friends Profile Picture To Contacts Easily

Did you know you can Add WhatsApp Friends Profile Picture To Contacts? Chances are high that you have many people with a single name. So we end up saving their contacts with different names after the first common one. However, you can avoid that easily by saving their contacts with a picture of them. The hard part is that you will likely not have a picture of them. If they have a WhatsApp contact, they likely saved it with a profile picture.

Now, there is a way to bring that WhatsApp profile picture into your phone book and save it with their contacts with ease.

Add WhatsApp Friends Profile Picture To Contacts

Add WhatsApp Friends Profile Picture To Contacts

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the Contact Photo Sync to your device.
  • When it has been downloaded, launch it. It will then search for all the people in your phonebook who are also on your WhatsApp contact list.
  • When done, you will be presented with a list with the WhatsApp contact with profile picture is on the right side while the name is on the right.

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  • If you do not see a profile picture WhatsApp side, then you have not saved it in your phone.
  • To save it, tap the contact name from the list to launch WhatsApp.
  • Click on the contact in the WhatsApp profile of your contact to enlarge it. When it has enlarged fully, it will be saved to your phone.


  • Hit the back button to go to the Contact Photo Sync app.
  • A popup box will launch with the picture you just selected. Click yes to approve it for the respective contact on your choice.

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You will be through with the process of importing the contacts from your WhatsApp profile to the phonebook. It is a pity that one cannot automate this process given the coding of the WhatsApp messaging app. Better apps will likely come up to do away with that weakness.

Until that happens, keep it Technology Sage and I will let you know when something more convenient pops up. Do check out the other WhatsApp tricks here.

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