How to Build Power Bank Using Old Laptop Battery

If you thought your laptop battery was dead enough to be thrown away, think twice. With the following steps, you can Build Power Bank Using Old Laptop Battery. I will explain in the lesser words possible but trust me you will get the process like you knew it before. Okay, let’s get started.

  1. The tools

For this exercise, you need an old laptop battery offcoz, a power bank case, screwdriver, nose pliers, wire cutter, dremel, goggles and gloves. Some of these requirements are offcoz bogus but I will put them there for formality purposes. Who uses gloves to make a 5v power bank. As a safety precaution, do use yours.

2. Battery opening

Find a spot on the seams that you can pry open with a screwdriver or dremel. Be careful not to damage the cells by doing the prying slowly. Careful too not to prick your hand too. (use gloves)

3. Cell removal

You will see cells arranged side by side. Remove the cells from the packaging. You will find some tape or other material that would have been used for the binding. Do it slowly to avoid any risks.

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4. Charging circuit separation

With the wire cutter, cut off the wires that connect the charging circuit and the cells. Be careful with the polarity as you may short-circuit the cells.

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5. Cell separation

There are often 6 or more or less cells in the battery pack. They are connected in series and parallel. Separate them to get them separate from one another. Thus have them singly.

6. Tab removal

Use the nose pliers to twist the tabs off the cells. You then use the dremel to smoothen the points that have been welded.

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7. Cell testing and selection

Only keep cells that are more than 2.5V, stay cool when charged, are at least 4.0V when charged and do not fall below 0.1V after three days of no use.

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8. Making your power bank

The cells have the terminals indicated and so is the power bank casing. The charging board of the power bank should be connected with the positive terminal of the battery cells. Any mistakes might get power bank fried. Build Power Bank Using Old Laptop Battery

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9. Power bank checking

Charge the power bank then test its output voltage. You should get a voltage around 5V for the best results. Do not test it directly on your android phone, perhaps I should have mentioned that you needed a voltmeter. Well, I just did.

Technology is so much fun, I promised to be brief and still get you to be reproductive. Now you know how to Build Power Bank Using Old Laptop Battery and I believe you can teach someone too. If you got any problems doing what I just did, literally speaking, then do leave me a comment below. More questions and discussions are welcomed in OUR FORUM.