How to Solve Smartphone Overheating Problems

How do I Solve Smartphone Overheating problem in my android phone? This is the question I received from one of our readers. I am sure he’s not the only one who needs answers as to how to stop android from overheating or rather just keep it on the cooler side. We are all victims of overheating smartphones. Some go to the extent of blowing up and that is why you need to get rid of the things making it an overheating smartphone. Since we can not avoid using our devices (that’s what they are for), you have to find ways of keeping it cool as you use it.Solve Smartphone Overheating

Unless your android phone uses some kind of cooling technology such as the Aero Cooling technology found in the infinix note 3 pro, you need to get the following facts right.

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Solve Smartphone Overheating Problem

Use Heavy Apps Only When Necessary

This is not just about the big games or such apps but also the camera settings such as those cameras with very high resolutions such as UltraHD and 4K. Unless you really want the highest quality of videos, choose lower resolutions as they will keep your phone cool. The same goes for other apps. Use only their heavy versions if indeed there is the need.

Keep Your Phone Clean

By that we mean have good antivirus software installed on it. When virus and malware are present on your device, they tend to run many programs that tax the processing power of your device. Run a system check every now and again.

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Run Fewer Apps Each Time

Unless you intend to use all open apps at once, hit the app switcher and close all the apps you do not need. You will save yourself the heat from playing your best games. Open apps will continue taxing your phone even when not in use.

Use Slim Covers

Your phone is made to dissipate heat naturally when you use it such that it does not get hot. When you cover it with a thick cover, you will only serve to retain the heat emitted by it to make it hotter than it should be. Thick covers are also not as beautiful as their slimmer counterparts.

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There you go! There could be many more tips but you can start off with these ones. As always, I will be dropping in more tips as we go by. Keep it, Technology Sage.