How to Mirror the Screen of Android Phone on Computer or Laptop

Hello Sages, It’s a new day and Technology sage brings you how to Mirror the Screen of Android Phone on Computer or Laptop. A new idea to make you more ‘more sageous.’ This idea came to me when I first broke the screen of my Tecno phone and the screen was all black. I embarked on a research and in a few, I had put together something concrete to help me out with the broken screen as I adjust my budget for a new gadget. Have you ever been in this situation? Study has it that everyone has that one friend that has a phone with a cracked screen :-). Do resort to guessing who might have texted you or who is calling. The solution to this problem is a simple work around which will enable us to Mirror the Screen of our Android Phone on the screen of a Computer or Laptop. This changes the question from “who’s calling/texting?” to “How do I Mirror the Screen of Android Phone on Computer or Laptop?” This trick will enable you to view the screen of your android phone on the screen of your laptop or computer. You do not necessarily need a broken screen to do this, you can also mirror the screen of your phone to a laptop just to have enhanced view (projector like), if you are playing a game or for the sheer fun of being a Sage. I will attach a video of this same procedure at the end of the video for clarity.Android screen on computer


  1. Android phone version 2.5 and up
  2. A computer/PC or laptop running Win 7/8/8.1/10
  3. USB cable
  4. Droid at Screen software.

How to Mirror the Screen of Android Phone on Computer or Laptop

  1. Connect your phone to your to the computer using a USB cable and turn on USB Debugging.
  2. Download Droid at Screen Zip folder to your computer. Download here.
  3. Extract the zip folder on the desktop or wherever you prefer, open the extracted folder and launch the droid at screen-1.1
  4. A pop up window titled ‘Path to ADB executable will appear, click on the browse button (…)
  5. Navigate to the folder you extracted and select adb.exe and click open.
  6. Wait for it to load up in the Path to ADB executable pop up and click Ok
  7. Once you click OK, you will see the screen of your phone on the computer screen.

That’s it. You can now view and read all your android messages on the screen of your computer. The good thing about this is that you only configure it out once. The next time you connect it will be automatic. You just connect your phone, open the droid at screen and you will straight away see your android screen mirrored on the computer. Watch the video of the same below;

Have fun as you adjust your budget 🙂 See you in the next post.

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