How to unlock password from Viwa i1717

Hello, my dear viewers. Welcome to another article on the technology sage website. Before I introduce today’s topic, I want to thank you for your full support and I hope that the topics I publish here are always helpful and have impacted your tech life in a positive way. We promise to keep publishing and in case of any questions or inquiries, kindly reach us on our social media platforms. Today, we are going to learn How to unlock password from Viwa i1717. Most people own smartphones in these modern days. But we have to admit that they come at a cost and have limitations of their own. So people opt to have feature phones just in case they encounter problems with their smartphones and need to continue communicating with other people.

Viwa i1717 Security unlock

Having a feature is a good thing just in case your smartphone runs into a problem and you don’t have any other alternative. Feature phones provide you with basic features you might need for just a simple phone. But with security, you might feel the need to have a password or an unlock code to prevent unauthorized access to your phone. But in case you forget your security lock, you will need to unlock your feature phone. Today we are going to look at How to unlock password from Viwa i1717. There are a number of articles I have done on unlocking feature phones. You can check them out on our website under the mobile phone category. For today, we are going to focus on this specific model. If you are locked out of your Viwa i1717 phone and you are looking for How to unlock password from Viwa i1717, kindly read this article to the end. Also, read my article about How to Remove Privacy Protection Lock from Soccer D2 Smartphone Using a Computer.

How to unlock password from Viwa i1717 using CM2

Now, many times I have shown how to unlock phones using one specific tool. But in this article, I am going to do things a little bit differently. The day I unlocked this phone I had my hands on the Chinese Miracle 2 box. I have to admit that this tool has done some great work for many and personally I had not laid my hands on it until this very moment with this phone that is why I decided to do an article on How to unlock password from Viwa i1717 using CM2. You can also read, how to Unlock Android Pattern, password, and pin lock without losing data. One thing you should know is there is no crack tool for CM2 so, you have no other option other than finding yourself CM2 dongle.

Requirements on How to unlock Viwa i1717

The following are the things you will be required to have in order to unlock Viwa i1717 phone. Make sure that you have all of them and then follow the steps on How to unlock the password from Viwa i1717.

  1. Windows PC/Laptop
  2. CM2 Dongle and SPD set up.
  3. USB Data cable
  4. SPD USB drivers installed.

Procedure on How to unlock password from Viwa i1717

Step 1

Now, the first step, hoping that you already have CM2 Dongle, is to plug in the CM2 dongle. Make sure that the drivers for the dongle are already installed. If not, just go to the device manager and update the CM2 dongle drivers from the internet. If your box drivers are ok and the dongle works fine, proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Now, after you have plugged in your CM2 dongle, now, you need the SPD setup for CM2. Usually, CM2 has set-ups for MTK, RDA, and SPD. If you don’t have the CM2 SPD set up, you can download the set up from the internet. Now, considering you have the setup, open and run the CM2 SPD set up.

C:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\VIWA I1717\VIWA I1717 1.PNG

Step 3

On the CM2 SPD set up, on the dashboard, click on the SC65XX button. Now, scroll down through the various 65XX CPUs and select SC6531: REV:E000:NOR: [4MB] Now, click on the FORMAT FS/RESET SETTINGS button, then select FORMAT. You will see all the other buttons become inactive. Wait until you see “Wait for device”

C:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\VIWA I1717\VIWA I1717 3.PNG

Step 4

Now, at this point, you need to have your data cable ready. Switch off your Viwa i1717 phone by just powering it off or simply removing the battery and putting it back again. Now, hold the boot key which is the button above the call button or the zero (0) button. Connect your phone to the computer and wait. CM2 will identify your phone and it will start reading your phone info and then start formatting. If nothing happens, then try another boot key and try again from step 3 above. If you have the correct boot key, CM2 will format your phone. Wait until you see “DONE” at the bottom of the logs.

C:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\VIWA I1717\VIWA I1717 - Copy.PNG

Step 5

After formatting is done, disconnect your phone from the computer. And please remember that the phone is still in boot mode and cannot boot up again until you remove the battery. Remove the battery and place it back, then power up your phone. Your phone will boot up new, wiped without the unlock code. You can now use your phone without the security lock and if you feel like you can too without a security lock, you can now set up another new one.


This method will work fine if you follow due steps as shown in this article. Remember if you are using this method, you really need to have a CM2 dongle. This is a MUST. But if you don’t have the dongle, then you can use the Miracle box. Kindly do not just go without supporting us. Kindly subscribe to receive updates on our new article. Also, join our social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter. You can also join our forum.

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