How To Remove Google Account Lock on Huawei Y6S Smartphone

Hello dear readers. Its quite good to have you back again to our tech blog site. For this article today, Iam going to show you how to remove Google Account lock on Huawei Y6S smartphone. If you are looking on the best way through which you can bypass FRP lock on Huawei Y6S smartphone, then this article is going to be so usefull to you and by the time you fininsh reading, you would have had your problem solved. If you are a phone technician, then you will agree with me that the most complex thing is to bypass Google Account lock on Android.

Some phones might be so easy to bypass FRP manually by accessing the internet aand downloading the necessary apps. But some, just like this Huawei Y6S might be so problematic. Even getting to the internet is quite a problem. Therefore, bypassing FRP on Huawei Y6S or other latest Huawei models is without doubt so difficult. But there is nothing so hard under the sun. Everything has got a solution that is why, if you have tried to bypass FRP on huawei y6s and couldn’t succeed, this article is going to lead you direct to how to bypass FRP on Huawei Y6S smartphone. Kindly check my previous article on How to bypass FRP on Tecno POP2 B1 smartphone. Otherwise, let us proceed and fix this phone.

Huawei Y6S FRP Bypass Method.

Like I mentioned earlier, manual methods to bypass FRP on Huawei Y6S will proove to be a big challenge for you. Unless you really have the time and guts to try. But if you are reading this article now, then it means you really want a solution on how to bypass FRP on huawei y6s. There are some of the things you will need to have first hand before we proceed and remove FRP on Huawei Y6S.


  1. Windows PC
  2. Huawei Y6S FRP Reset files
  3. SP Flash tool
  4. USB Data cable
  5. A pair of tweezers.

Step by Step Guide on How To Bypass FRP On Huawei Y3S

Now, having made sure that you have met the above listed items, proceed to the following steps on how to bypass FRP on Huawei Y6S. Kindly make sure that you strictly and keenly follow the detailed steps as per how they are shown in this article. Read also, How to Fix Miracle Error ERR21002. 00 and Reset Security Code on Tecno T484.

Step 1

The first thing you will have to do is to download the required necessary files. Start by downloading the Huawei Y6S FRP files. These are so important and you must have them. Download Huawei Y6S FRP reset files from this link and extract the zip file on your PC. Make sure that you have extracted them in a folder you can easily trace.

Step 2

After you have extracted the files in step 1 above, within the zip you will get the Auth file, fast boot scatter and a text document with a begin address and the end address. Now, open Sp Flash tool on your PC.

huawei 1.JPG

Step 3

Now on sp flash tool interface, load the Download Agent. Click on the “Choose” button and then navigate to the folder you extracted and go to the “boatload image” select the first DA file.

huawei 1.JPG

After that, load the scatter file. To load the Auth file, click on the “Choose” folder, navigate to the Huawei y6s FRP reset file folder. Open the “Bootloadimage” folder and select the first file named “Android scatter fastboot” and load it to SP.

huawei 1.JPG

Do the same for Auth file. Open the AUTH+DA folder to load the auth file.

huawei 1.JPG

After loading the auth file, you will have now loaded all the required files and now SP flash tool will be ready with all your files from the Huawei Y6S FRP Reset folder.


Step 4

On the SP Flash tool interface, click on the “FORMART” tab. Under that, select “Manual Format Flash

huawei 1.JPG

You will see “Begin Address [HEX]:” and “Format Address [HEX]:” Now, open the folder you extracted and open a text document with these address as shown below.

huawei 1.JPG

Copy the first value (0x10800) into the “Begin Address [HEX]:” field. Do the same for the second value (0x100000) and copy it into the “Format Address [HEX]:” field.

Step 5

Now, open your phone back cover. At this point you need to have some skills to open a phone. After you have opened your phone, on the mother board, find the Huawei y6s test points as shown in the picture below.

huawei y6s test point.jpeg

Step 6.

On the sp flash tool, click on the “Start” button. Connect the shown test points with a pair of tweezers. Connect the phone to the computer via USB data cable. As soon as the phone connects, SP Flash tool will format the FRP partition as shown below.


Step 7

Disconnect the phone from the computer, assemble it back. Power on the phone now. After it is powered on, complete the start up settings and you will be good to go. You can now finish setting up your huawei Y6S without the FRP lock.

That is the best and easiest way to bypass FRP or Google account lock on Huawei Y6S smartphone using your PC and Huawei y6s FRP Reset files. Thank you all for reading. Kindly support our work if you have found this helpful. Join our Forum, follow us on our social media handle and also subscribe to our website to receive the recent updates of our articles as soon as we post them. Thank you and see you again in the next article.

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