What You Should Know About Digital Id Software?

The world today enjoys a myriad of technological shifts. One of such shifts is the advent of digital IDs. Digital IDs serve as an evident example of the technological shift that the world has witnessed in recent times. Over the last five years, digital ID has since moved from being a novel innovation to a massively common and accepted technology. This technology now has far-reaching implications. As such, it has enjoyed massive attention among a wide range of key players in cyberspace. Notably, in the advent of the digital ID, there is a continued global impetus to leverage sophisticated and cutting-edge innovations. These innovations will help create digital id software that will positively impact accountability and transparent procedures while focusing on good policies.

It is important to know that when applyingfor digital ID, identity verification is of utmost priority to many online companies.They require your verification for reasons ranging from fraud prevention to cybersecurity through compliance. This verification process is usually conducted through digital id software. This helps determine whether or not a user or online user is who they claim to be in the real world. Many businesses employ this digital ID software to prevent identity fraud, trust online and off, comply with privacy and anti-fraud regulations. Thus, the article will highlight some of this digital ID software for your learning and possibly for your use.


ID.me is a highly esteemed software that demystifies how persons share and prove their identity in cyberspace. This software has successfully secured a vast digital identity network with more than 67 million members. As such, it enjoys an average of 145000 new subscribers daily. Their network accommodates about 29 states, ten federal agencies, and 500 retail brands. The digital ID software offers services like identity proofing, authentication, and group affiliation verification for organizations, companies that cut across different sectors.


Berbix is another leading digital ID software that provides verification solutions. These solutions assist businesses to grow and operate in compliance at the same time by consistently and accurately validating photo IDs, drivers’ licenses, and passports. Berbix also helps increase customer acquisition funnels with its well-designed and automated verification solution that can help confirm a user’s identity.


SEON is a Budapest-based company that offers a holistic suite of anti-fraud software. The software is designed to focus on digital footprint analysis, which accompanied the following modular methods like Email and phone analysis, Device fingerprinting, Reverse social media lookup, and IP analysis. The SEON digital ID software allows its users to verify user identities through their digital footprints while also gaining a better understanding of the identity of the users through invisible checks that do not slow down a customer’s journey.


Ondato is a digital ID software that provides photo and live video identity verification. You may access facial biometrics modules from this software, which come with e-signature and compliance management tools. This software also accompanied easy integration through a SaaS business model.


The lists of tested and trusted digital id software provided here are inexhaustive. As such, you can take advantage of many other digital id software for your identity verification. And by taking action today, you can benefit from any of the digital ID software.


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