Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 11 Essential Multiplayer Tips

Call of duty has become a popular game in the gaming world. The best thing about Call of duty is it’s a multiplayer game. That means you can play together with your squad. When you play with your squad it makes the game more enjoyable. The amazing graphic design sound effects of Call of duty have made this game more thrilling for the gamers. The added feature and updated map hit differently when the game is played on the screen. 

It is a very violent game, so you better get prepared for a chaotic gunfight and violent experience while playing. For its brutal nature, it’s tough to win the game. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to win with proper techniques. You can win the game eventually. If you are a beginner in the game and the consecutive losses have discouraged you, you must follow these tricks to get better in the game and slaughter your enemies. Along with the below-mentioned tips, you can visit to learn more hacks that work for you.

Play with your squad:

It’s always better to play in groups other than solo. If you have joined the game solo make some strangers as your teammates. It will always help you to survive the game better. The advantage of playing in a group is if you get a sudden death your teammates can bring you back or revive you by spending it in buy station

Share your loots: 

When you go for loot, whatever you collect from the loot you must share with your teammates. Be humble about that. Because your quick death can get you out of the game only your teammates will be able to revive you. So make sure they have enough money to do that. You must share the armor with them. This is because if they get killed in the game, you will automatically lose the game. 

Keep a variety of weapons:

Don’t keep weapons at the same time when you are with the teams. Get different types of weapons, if you are at the tall building get yourself a sniper other than a pistol. The other one who is closer to the rival must have the pistol. 

Ping it:

Always communicate with your teammate. What are you planning to do? Who are you aiming at? What is your next plan to communicate with your teammates? They will cover you as you approach.

Stay close to your teammate:

Stay close to your squad it will be helpful to cover one another. But don’t stay too close that way it will be easy for the enemy to kill both of you. A bomb can kill both of the players. So stay close but not too close.

Drop in the battlefield faster:

When you are jumping from the cargo plane the parachute pops, try to cut the cords that will help you to fall faster in the field. When you fall faster than others you can get a little advantage over other teammates to collect better weapons and better places to hide. 

Try to survive:

This is not the kind of game where you can show aggression. The key is to survive throughout the game. If you play the game defensively it is more likely to get a quick death. If you are in the game you can revive your other teammate but if you are not then bringing you back in the game is their decision. If you play aggressively that means you are the weak link of the team.

So try to show your aggression in the time of loo and collecting armor and weapons.

Don’t roam in clear space:

Roaming around in a clear space will attract the rival and it will be easier for them to spot you and kill you out of the game. So it’s better to walk through the buildings and narrow spaces and keep it down so the enemy doesn’t understand your presence. 

Observe the map:

When you are landing from the cargo plane inspect the map properly where you can hide what place is better to land because many things depend on your landing. You can get killed just after landing. From the height, inspect the map and shoot some of your enemies while you are in the air.

Get yourself cheat codes:

You can’t always win the game in a straightway. So buy some cheat codes or learn from your friends or the internet. It will assure victory in the game and also can save you from a risky situation. 

Practice and lean:

These multiplayer games are not easy. You can’t be a pro overnight. It will take time and effort to learn new tactics and new tricks to be a pro player. After so many losses you can win the game. Try watching the streaming of pro players. Learn their approach. 

Playing Warzone is not that an easy task to do. So, do prepare yourself accordingly and start playing your game in the best possible way.

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