10 Fun New Ways You’ve Never Thought to Network

Nowadays, networking is the key factor for a successful career. So, your education and knowledge don’t matter in the business world unless you have strong connections. A strong network is essential for your career, especially if you want to build a business or take a new career path. However, as a relationship game, not everyone is a natural talent for networking. There are many people who believe that by networking they are using people. If you’re among this group of people who used to be shy to ask they peers for a simple favor such as ‘do my homework for me’, we have great news for you! There are certain ways which will help you build a strong network even if you are shy and insecure. Likewise, there are several tips which can also help even the natural schmoozer.

Hence, building a strong network requires much more than just a proper handshake and good etiquette habits. Thanks to the modern-day technology, there are some new modern ways to network. Thus, we prepared a list of the most powerful and helpful ways which will help you build a strong network.

Ways to Build a Strong Network for Introverts

1. Focus on the Right People

If you thought that networking is all about attending all events and passing out business cards, you can’t be more wrong! The key to successful networking is focusing only on the right people. The right people are the ones you know will make a significant difference in your career. Hence, attend only particular events where you can find the person of your interest and never be afraid to start the talk. For instance, if you’re in the writing field, you should try to meet people who own a writing company, such as custom dissertation writing services.

2. Show Off Your Vizibility

Vizibility is a mobile version of your business card and as such, it helps you to build strong networks. As the first SearchMe Button for Google, people can find information about you. All you should do is send your SearchMe link. By doing so, you’re allowing people to read all the essential info about you in a snap. Vizibility is a great way to promote your brand and help you network easily.

3. Google+ for New Networking Opportunities

Google+ is gaining in popularity and it’s becoming one of the most popular platforms for networking. What’s best about this platform is the fact that you sort your connections into different Circles and select the content which you direct into each Circle. Moreover, Google+ is a place where you can have a discussion and comments.

4. Using Twitter as a Networking Tool

Using Twitter correctly can be an exceptional networking tool. You can use this social platform for connecting with the right people by using the proper hashtags. Moreover, using Twitter will give you an opportunity for professional networking. However, bear in mind that you have to be professional, active, and stay up to date.

5. Attend Smaller Networking Events

Although you might think that all networking events are a bad experience, there are some small events which you should attend. By meeting small communities of people who share the same goals as you, you get the chance to build a strong network. If you don’t know how to find a small networking event near you, make sure you contact your existing contacts.

6. Be in With the In Crowd

Is there a restaurant or a café in your town where most business people usually go after work? So, find such a place and start going there more often. When being there, don’t just sit and do nothing, but start talking with the person next to you. By doing so, you’re enhancing your chances of networking success.

7. Take Up a New Hobby

Is there any hobby you’ve been wanting to take up for so long? What are you waiting for?! Taking up a new hobby, such as sport, cooking classes or a book club literally increases your chances of a stronger network. Most people are truly stressed at work and they look for ways to unwind. Your new hobby might be the perfect place to meet and build new relationships. If nothing else, you will definitely find like-minded people with the same interests as you. Moreover, you can also decide to volunteer which is a great way to show people that you’re behind a cause.

Ways to Build a Strong Network If You Are a Natural Schmoozer

8. Spend More Time Social Networking

Don’t take this tip too seriously that you have to be glued to your phone. Instead, spending more time on social platforms means that you should use your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts more. This means that prior to attending a conference or going on an interview, make sure you thoroughly examine the LinkedIn profile of the company where you can find all the necessary info. Moreover, following your potential coworkers and business partners on social platforms will stay you up to date and you can become an authority figure in your field.

9. Show Appreciation

Showing appreciation is something we learn at home. Hence, if someone helps you with something, it’s necessary you show you valued their help. This doesn’t mean that you should spend a fortune in order to show your appreciation. Normally, a card, note, or a small gift can mean a lot. Just like you take a tech gift for boyfriend and he becomes happy, you can do the same with others to build a strong connection. In this way, you can expect that person to be there for you again. However, make sure to avoid materialistic presents that will get you into ethical trouble. Instead, opt for a small token of your interest which shows how much you appreciate their help.

10. Reconnect with Your Past

Reconnecting with your high school and college classmates offers a valuable connection. Such reunions are a great place where you get to talk with people who you used to spend a lot of time with. So, you will have something to talk about, and who knows, maybe they know the person from your field you’ve been dying to meet.

All in all, whether you’re looking for a new job or to expand your company, networking is one of the most powerful ways to achieve that. All you have to do is think outside the box and start building a new and valuable network. Having a handful of strong collaborators will give you an advantage in the market. You can either choose a more traditional approach to networking or try out the new modern methods. So, instead of sending your zillionth email asking for yet another coffee date, try out these modern techniques! Are there any other modern networking techniques that we forgot to mention?