What Are Ip Addresses and How Do They Work?

We hear them all the time, especially in movies that involve computer technology. Directors and scriptwriters throw it around regularly. Things like, “I reroute your IP address to trace your location”, “he is using a […]

Mobile Phones

Compliance Software: A Critical Need for Businesses

To free employees from repetitive time-wasting manual tasks, many businesses today are automating their workplaces. Automation will help keep your employees more focused on high-level activities. A lack of compliance software that automates the tracking […]


How to make a watermark

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a watermark, you’ve most certainly read some articles about it, and most of them discouraged you to even try: it is difficult, requires advanced software and graphic design […]


Google Docs and Phishing

In March of 2017, phishers targeted users of the popular online word processor Google Docs with a massive phishing attack. They spoofed the tech giant in email by pretending to be someone the users knew, […]


How to Improve Your Debugging Skills

Finding the root cause of a bug can feel like an overwhelming and intimidating task whether you are a pro that has been creating code for years or a complete programming novice. Because a huge […]