How To Flash Samsung A03 (SM-A032F)

Hello dear readers. In this article, I am going to show you How To Flash Samsung A03 (SM-A032F). Flashing Smartphone is usually the best and last option to fix your Smartphone’s software issues. So if you are encountering a software malfunction on your Samsung A03 Smartphone, then you need to flash a new stock ROM on your phone. You might also want to check my other article on D Light M200 Payjoy Unlock to learn more on how you can bypass pay joy lock on D light M200 Smartphone.


You need to know that flashing a stock ROM on your phone is dangerous for you might end up bricking your phone. So you need to be careful with this process. Flashing a new stock ROM will fix all your software issues including:

  1. Boot loop
  2. Hanging on logo
  3. Security Lock issues including password
  4. FRP or Google Account lock
  5. Dead boot issues in case you previously flashed a wrong ROM.
  6. Apps stopping frequently
  7. Phone lagging issues.

If you are encountering any of the above issues with your Samsung A03 (A032F) Smartphone, then it is a green light that you flash a new stock ROM.

Samsung A03 (Sm-A032F) Smartphone File Flashing.

Now, as I said earlier, flashing your Smartphone is risky and might brick your phone. So make sure that before you flash your phone, you are aware of the risks. Now, if you still feel it is necessary to go ahead and flash your phone, let us look at some of the things you will be required to have. But still, you can check my other article on How to Fix “official Binaries are allowed to be flashed” Error on Samsung A30 Smartphone


  1. Windows computer
  2. SMFW Tool or Samsung Odin
  3. Samsung USB Drivers
  4. USB Data cable.

Steps on How To Flash Stock ROM on Samsung A03 (SM A032F)

Step 1

The first step you need to start with is Downloading SAM FW tool. The reason why I prefer that you have this tool, is that you will use this tool to read the software information from your phone. This will help you know what software binary combination you have on your Samsung mobile phone. Knowing what binary you are having will help you to flash a matching binary. Flashing a different firmware will totally brick your phone. Download SAM FW tool from this link and Install on your computer.

Step 2

Now, after downloading sam fw FRP tool from step 1 above, install it on your computer. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of samfw tool. But if you have it already installed on your PC, launch it. Boot your phone in Download mode. To boot your phone in download mode, power off your phone. Hold both volumes up and download keys. Connect it to the PC via USB data cable. While the phone is in download mode, go to SAM FW tool. Click on the “Info” tab. You will see the firmware version on your phone.


Step 3

After you have obtained the software version on your phone, you can now download it from the internet. The good thing with Sam FW tool that makes me prefer it, it is that it will give you a link to download the right binary for your phone. You can now download your firmware file. Download the firmware version and save it on your computer. Extract it in a folder that you can easily locate. The firmware is a 4 file binary.

Step 4

Now, on the Sam FW tool, it is time to load your files and flash your Samsung A03. If you are not quite a fan of samfw tool, you can use Samsung Odin. You can check my article on How to Flash Samsung GT5301 Galaxy pocket. To load your 4 file binary file, click on the “Odin” tab and load your binaries each as per the file name.


samsung A032F Flashing 2.JPG

Step 5

Now, after loading your 4 file binary on Sam Fw tool, click on the “FLASH” tab just below. Flashing will begin immediately. Remember your phone should still be in download mode. At this point, don’t interrupt the flashing process. Wait until it is done. Also read another article on How To Reset Security Lock On Nokia 108 (RM944) Feature Phone

samsung A032F Flashing.JPG

After flashing is done, disconnect your phone from the computer and wait for it to boot up. Complete the start up settings and now your phone should be up and running smoothly.


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