Why computer is always hanging and possible solutions

It gets quite frustrating when the computer is always hanging as you try to carry out certain tasks. Before concluding that the computer is done, you need to check for a few causes of this issue and try out their respective solutions. Here, we focus on five of the most likely causes and their solutions. If you cannot carry them out yourself, call an expert to avoid escalating the issue further. Read Also: How to Increase performance of computer and laptop

What causes the computer to hang?

Malware: Malware and viruses, in general, are some of the most common causes of a hanging computer. They bring our conflicts in the computer by eating up resources such as the RAM and processor speed. You will thus have a slow computer that may not open some files. The simple solution to this issue is to install and always update it to the latest definitions for the best protection. Once in a while, run a full system diagnosis to identify any lurking issues on your computer.What causes the computer to hang?

Software: At times, the programs you have on your computer may be the reason for the hanging. Besides being corrupted, some may attempt to access resources for which they were not allowed to access in the first place. The result is that the computer will get conflicted and thus the hanging. This problem can be identified by the antivirus software of your computer which will notify you of any issues with your software.

Driver Corruption: If the drivers required to perform certain functions are corrupted or have errors, your computer may start hanging. You should always update your drivers to keep this issue at bay. Most computers will notify you of any available updates on your drivers or they may update them automatically. Keep in mind that the drivers can be changed without your knowledge. When you run old drivers, you run various risks including hanging and vulnerability to viruses. Read Also: How to Make Your Android Device run Faster

Overheating: Heat can be generated when you are either carrying out too many tasks at once or when the computer cannot dissipate the heat easily. If you have covered the grill that houses the fan on any computer, the heat will accumulate inside and cause the hanging. In some cases, all you need to do is provide an environment in which the computer can ‘breathe’ easily for the hanging to go away.

The Mouse: The one thing that signifies a hanging computer is unresponsiveness. If you are using a desktop computer, the mouse could have an issue such as a low battery for Bluetooth mice, poor connection or simply an old mouse that needs to be replaced. Laptop computers may face the same issue when the touchpad has been compromised in one way or the other. The laptop touchpad will require an expert to replace.

It is quite easy solving some of the issues that cause a computer to hang as listed here. At times, your computer resources are just too old to run the latest software and hardware. For this, you need to save up for a new computer.

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