How To Flash Itel 1351 Firmware And Fix Boot Mode Issues

Hello guys. Does anyone of you still own ITEL 1351 smart phone? If yes, then you know that still having this particular model is quite a treasure because this phone is one among the first ITEL smartphones to open a new avenue for the very first Itel Android operated smartphones. The modern technology in Android smartphones is just amazing. But on the darker side, issues with smartphones don’t just stop. They just keep coming again and again. If you still possess ITEL 1351 smartphone and you are having boot issues or even any other issue, I am going to show you how to flash itel 1351 firmware and fix boot mode issues. If you are stuck on Android logo, or on boot logo or even your ITEL 1351 is bricked, Iam going to show you how to flash ITEL 1351 firmware and fix or revive your bricked itel smartphone. Kindly follow my procedure in this article to know how you can fix your phone. You can also read my article on How to Reset Phonelock on it-Fly it3920 feature phone using a computer.

Simple Steps on how to flash itel 1351 firmware and fix boot mode issues

Iam going to take you through simple steps on how to Flash Itel 1351 firmware and fix boot mode or dead issues. But before we proceed, I want you to know that flashing a new firmware on your Android smartphone may void your warranty and also, might totally damage your phone. Therefore, flash your phone at your own risk and I will not take any responsibility for whatever problem your phone might develop as a result of flashing the ROM.

Step 1

Download Flash file

The very first step you need to take is to download the flash file. I have not provided the link to ITEL 1351 firmware file, but you can open your browser and search for ITEL 1351 firmware file or ROM. After you get the link to the firmware file, download the firmware file which is in zip format. Extract it to a folder and open the folders to check for the firmware file. ITEL 1351 is an SPD or spreadtrum Android smart phone. Therefore, its firmware is a pac file. Check also other folders for Spreadtrum drivers and install them. If you don’t know how to install drivers on windows computer, read our article on How to install drivers on windows 10 PC/Laptop.

Step 2

SPD Flashing tool.

Now, up to this point, you already have the itel 1351 flash file which is a Pac file. To flash spreadtrum Pac files, you need an SPD firmware flashing tool which in this case, is Research download tool or also known as Upgrade download tool. In some firmware, the flashing tool is sometimes provided. Check the folders you extracted if there is a Research download tool or upgrade download flashing tool. If it is there, move to step 3. If not, proceed and download the latest version from the internet. It is just easy to find and download. Or rather, download upgrade download tool from this link.

Step 3

Launch Upgrade download tool.

If upgrade download tool or spd flash tool is provided, just open its folder and locate the upgrade download app. If it is not provided, download one from the link I have provided above. Extract it and run the ex. File as administrator. Check the screenshot below.

Step 4

Load the Pac file

At this moment, all you need to do is load now the ITEL 1351 Pac file or firmware on Upgrade download tool. To do this, click on the first gear icon on your left from the upgrade download tool dashboard.

Locate the folder where you extracted your firmware. Open the firmware folder and click on the Pac file. Then click on the “Open” button. Now, you will see the firmware being loaded on the upgrade download tool in blue progressing bars. After that, you will see at the top of the Upgrade download tool the name of the Pac file you loaded

Step 5

Flashing the firmware.

At this point, everything is going well. Your firmware is already loaded on Upgrade Download tool and the only remaining thing is to flash Itel 1351 smartphone. Click on the start button on the upgrade download tool dashboard which resembles the “PLAY” button. Power of your phone, or rather, just remove the back cover and disconnect the battery and put it back. Hold both the volume up and down buttons. Connect your phone to the computer through a data cable. Immediately you here a connection sound on pc, you will see flashing start taking place. Be patient until all files are flashed and you see “PASSED” on the dashboard.

Disconnect your phone from the USB cable. Remove the battery and insert it back. Power on your phone. That is it. You have successfully flashed a new ROM on your ITEL 1351 smartphone and if your phone was bricked and dead, it should now come up again. If it had boot issues or stuck on boot mode, then at this point everything should be fine.


That is the step by step procedure on how to flash itel 1351 firmware and fix boot mode issues. Thank you for reading. Kindly visit our Technology sage YouTube channel for a video tutorial on how to flash itel 1351 firmware and fix boot mode issues. Thanks, and stay tuned for more of our articles.

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