How To Write Tecno F2 Clone Stock Firmware File

Hello to you all our dear viewers. Welcome to your number one tech website. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to write Tecno F2 Clone stock firmware file. If you have a fake or clone Tecno F2 Smartphone and it is stuck on the logo, dead, or has any other software-related issues that require that you write a new stock firmware, then sit tight. In this article, you are going to learn much about how to flash the Tecno F2 clone stock firmware and fix software issues. Kindly read my other recent related article on how to Unlock Password on Tecno Y2 Clone without volume up/down keys. Meanwhile, let us proceed.

If you are a mobile phone technician, then I believe you know what kind of problems can result in you flashing a new stock ROM on your phone. One other thing I have to say is that cloned phones are almost similar to original phones. Therefore you really have to understand smartphones. If you try to flash a stock ROM for an original Tecno F2 on a cloned Tecno F2, then it will not work because there is a difference in chip type. Original Tecno F2 is an MTK6580 while Tecno F2 Clone is an MTK 6275. These two cannot be flashed with the same firmware.

Tecno F2 Clone Stock ROM

As I have mentioned earlier, there is a difference between Techno F2 Clone and the original Tecno F2 phone. By the outside look, you will realize that both phones look the same. Even underneath the battery, the cloned phone is just labeled as F2. But the difference is in the chipset type. When flashing Tecno F2 Clone. Make sure you use the Tecno F2 Clone firmware. If you use the original firmware, you will not be able to write since the chipsets are different and you will get a brom error when using the SP Flash tool. Or rather, you may damage your phone beyond repair. Note that flashing your phone is risky and you might permanently damage it. So, flash your phone at your own risk. Make sure you follow all the instructions highlighted in this tutorial. Now let us look at some of the requirements we need in order to flash Tecno F2 Clone stock firmware.


  1. Windows PC
  2. MTK Preloader drivers
  3. Download Tecno F2 Clone MT6572 Stock firmware
  4. USB Data cable.

Steps on How to Write Tecno F2 Clone Stock Firmware.

Now, in this process, we are going to see how we can now write the Tecno F2 Clone stock ROM and revive the phone if it is dead, stuck on logo, stuck on boot loop or whichever software issue it has that warrants a stock ROM flashing. For the purposes of this tutorial, you will need to pay attention. In the meantime, you can also check my other article on How to unlock security code on Oppo A12 CPH2083. Let’s proceed and see the steps on how to write Tecno F2 Clone Stock Firmware.

Step 1

The very first step will be to first get the Tecno F2 Clone firmware file. Most websites will offer this file as a premium file. There are various websites offering this file. But you need to be careful where you download the file from. Nevertheless, there is no need to find it somewhere else. You can Download Tecno F2 Clone Stock firmware from this link. Download and then extract your zip file to a location you can easily find.

Step 2

After downloading and extracting the Tecno F2 Clone firmware, you now need a tool that you will use to flash your firmware to your phone. There are several tools you can use. But in this tutorial, we are going to use the SP Flash tool. Download the SP Flash tool, extract it, and launch it on your PC.


Step 3

Now, hoping that you know exactly where you downloaded your F2 Clone stock firmware file, On the SP Flash tool, load the Tecno F2 Clone scatter file. Wait until all the partitions are loaded to the sp flash tool. After that, click on the “DOWNLOAD” button shown in a green arrow.

Step 4

Now, it is time to flash your Tecno f2 clone Smartphone. All you need is now to connect your phone to the PC. To do so, disconnect the battery from your phone. Replace it back. Don’t hold any keys; just connect the phone to the PC via the USB Data cable. As soon as you hear the device connection sound, Flashing will begin. Wait and be patient until flashing is done as shown below:



Now guys. That is the simplest method on how to write the Tecno F2 Clone stock firmware file. Kindly make sure that you download the stock ROM from the link provided in this article. Read the outlined steps as shown in this article. If your phone is not being detected on the SP Flash tool but there is a connection sound, open the device manager and update MTK Preloader drivers. Thank you for reading and kindly remember to support our work by subscribing to our website. Join our forum and also follow us on Facebook and tweeter. If you have anything you want me to help with, you can inbox me on Facebook. Thank you and see you next time.


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