How To Recover Deleted or lost Messages, photos, videos and files On Android Phones.

Often a times we wish we could Recover Deleted Messages  because we end up clearing our in-boxes without thinking twice. This could only could lead to lose of important text messages that you wouldn’t have wished to lose. This important message could be an evidence to a case in court, a record of a mobile money transaction, an abuse by a friend or on the opposite, a very lovely message from a loved one. Here comes a solution to all your worries, you can now recover a message that was deleted from your android phone by mistake with the help of Android sms recovery tool.

This method can also be used to recover deleted whatsapp messages, photos and videos on android smartphone. This procedure can also help you recover deleted, lost and as well as formatted contacts, photos and videos from your android device. This sounds like what you are looking for, then read on.


  • Your device has to have root access to do this. Root your device first. Find out how to root here
  • Once you loose a critical sms, you are required not to try to retrieve anything or restore other android files. If you do so, it is possible that your sms will be overwritten and it may not be possible to recover it. Let’s get started with the steps;
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How to Recover Deleted Messages

Download the android recovery tool onto your computer (desktop or laptop from the links below). The download links are below.
For Windows OS, download
For Mac OS, download
Once you download and install the android recovery tool, run it.
Connect your phone to the computer via the USB port with your USB cable.
Enable USB debugging.
Your device will be detected by the recovery tool once you turn on USB debugging.
Then click the Start button on the middle of the home screen and let the software analyse your phone.
Remember you can selectively chose whatever files you want to scan.
To save on time, go straight to what you want and select “scan for deleted files”
Just a recoup, remember before the program starts scanning and analysing  the files on your phone, you will be required to go to your phone and tap allow, then you can go ahead and click start to start the scanning process


Wait for the scanning to complete as it may take some time for the process to complete. The moment the scan is complete, the data recovery tool will display and can recover messages, contacts, photos and videos on your phone. Note that the messages displayed here consists of the messages that were recently deleted-those in red and those that are currently on the device-those in black. Right click on the messages in red and click recover. 

That’s it, no stress anymore. Watch the software at work in the video below

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Remember to always back up data on your device frequently on SD card to avoid future problems.
Check out how to recover files on a formatted disc drive HERE

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