7 Most Useful Apps & Websites For Music Lovers In 2018

Those of us who view music as an art form that is an inseparable piece of our persona and one of our great passions are always hungry for more. Fortunately for us, the music industry has flourished and it’s getting hard to keep up with it. So much content is released each day and there are a lot more independent artists out there thanks to the opportunities the online environment offers.

There are a lot of things the web can do for fans to help them keep up and we are here to discuss seven of them.

1. Shazam: This is a nifty little app that can identify music for you. Basically, it was designed for those situations where you really like a song but you have no way of identifying the artist or the song name. Be it a party, on the bus, in a store, or whatever else – if the music is loud enough, this app will identify it for you.

2. 1001Tracklists: These guys just want to keep you updated with all the latest songs, DJ sets from various clubs and festivals, top charts, and radio shows. Don’t want to bother with your phone and Shazam while partying at Coachella? No problem – you can find all the setlists on 1001Tracklists the next day! The website is simple to use and their interface design is straightforward so you can find what you are looking for in no time.

3. Spotify (Free version): One of today’s most beloved music streaming apps, Spotify gives you access to tons of the latest and evergreen music and also allows you to upload your own. Furthermore, you can also create your own radio station which will play a selection based on your listening history. You can access all music from the free version and they don’t have that many push notifications to make the listening experience unpleasant.

4. SoundCloud (Both app and website) : SoundCloud is a world of its own. Being that it is a music distribution platform first and everything else second, it has created an environment with its own fan base, artists, promotions and events. Don’t get me wrong, some established artists have profiles on SoundCloud, but the armature scene makes it unique and interesting.

5. Festination: Even with all of this technology, the live performance remains the crucial experience for fans. Festivals are perhaps the best opportunities to see a lot of your favorite artists perform in one place. But which one should you go for? Festination can help you make a decision and do your research without too much wandering around. Search by your favorite artists, extra features like cruise festivals or winter sports festivals – it even shows all festivals near you.

6. Pitchfork.com: If you are hungry for independent news about popular and up-and-coming artists, album reviews and interesting videos with funny hosts, then pitchfork is just right for you. They are an old name in the world of music reporting and have been running a tight editorial shift ever since 1995.

7. Musical.ly: This is a very interesting app that helps you connect with a community of fun people who are there to combine their videos with music and create funny content. There are really a lot of options to make your videos fun and there is an extensive library of music to choose from. You can also add sound effects, face filters and a bunch of other stuff. The app is available for iPhone and Android users and you can even find it on the Amazon app store, so check it out.

These are some of the most popular music websites and apps for 2018. If you don’t see your favorite app or website here feel free to drop a comment. Hope you enjoyed the article and all the best!

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