How to Change Your Friend’s whatsapp Profile Picture

WhatsApp has climbed up the ranks in the messaging industry and is very popular around the world. Many users Change Your Friend’s whatsapp Profile Pictureacross all ages, races and locations are locked in on finding out as many tricks as possible. The latest addition to the series of the numerous whatsapp tricks is how to Change Your Friend’s whatsapp Profile Picture. In case you are wondering whether this is really possible, just relax and read on. It is never too late.

Just to get us all on the same page, You can’t actually change your friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture from your phone globally but you can change it for your phone so that whenever someone will check it on your WhatsApp, he/she will see your assigned profile pic for that friend. So, it would be a great way to make fun of your friends. This is what makes this a trick, something close to magic. Amaze your friends and leave them marveling at what a genius you are.

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How to Change Your Friend’s whatsapp Profile Picture

Here are the steps to Change Your Friend’s whatsapp Profile Picture

  1. Download weird-looking/funny picture that you want to assign for your friend’s WhatsApp profile pic. It can be any photo. It would be fun if you get a funny photo of them that you are almost sure they wouldnt want to use as profile pic.
  2. Resize it to 561 x 561 pixels and name it with your friend’s mobile number from which he/she use WhatsApp. Include the country code.
  3. Save the image to this directory; SD Card >> WhatsApp >> Profile Pictures. Overwrite existing file if prompted to.
  4. Now, show you friend his profile pic from your WhatsApp to invite instant panic to his face.

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Note that you have to disable WiFi/Data connection so that WhatsApp will not automatically update the picture and change it to the original one. Enjoy tricking your friends and feel free to share your experience. Check out other tricks here  Enjoy.

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