How To Flash Huawei Y330-U01 Firmware And Fix Boot Loop And Other Software Issues.

Hello dear readers. Welcome ones more to technology sage, your number one tech blog site. I hope if you have been following us, you have had a very intriguing experience from many of our articles. For now, I am going to show you How to Flash Huawei Y330-U01 firmware and fix boot loop and other software Issues.

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If you have been encountering some software issues with your Huawei Y330-U01 smartphone like the phone hanging on boot mode, the phone switching itself on and off or any other problem, then I am glad that today I am going to show you How to Flash Huawei Y330-U01 firmware and fix Boot loop and other software Issues. Flashing a new firmware on your phone will definitely solve all your software issues. The firmware is the software that your phone runs. When you are encountering software issues, sometimes resetting your phone to factory settings helps solve the problems. But not always this will give you a solution. If you find that after resetting your phone the problem still persists, its time you flash a new stock ROM.

How to Flash Huawei Y330-U01 Stock ROM and fix Boot loop and other software Issues.

One thing you need to note is that this process will do away with all your important data. If you are encountering issues with your phone but you can still access some vital files, make a backup of all your files first. If you totally cannot access anything from your phone, then you don’t have any other option other than to forfeit your important data. Most importantly before you proceed, the following are the things you are going to be required to have:

  • Windows computer
  • Huawei Y330-U01 stock ROM/Firmware
  • Android VCOM drivers pre-installed (or you can download and install them)
  • SP Flash tool, which you can download or just use it if it comes with the firmware.
  • Working USB data cable
  • Technical computer skills.

How to Flash Huawei Y330-U01 Stock ROM

Now, I am going to take you through the steps on How to Flash Huawei Y330-U01 Firmware and Fix Boot Loop and Other Software Issues. Kindly follow the steps in this article step by step and keenly. Also, read our earlier article about How to Remove FRP on Safaricom VFD 320 Using Miracle Box

Step 1

Now, hoping that you have all the required material to carry out this procedure, the first step is to download your mobile phone’s stock ROM or firmware file. You can search online to find websites that contain the stock ROM for Huawei Y330-U01 firmware. Download and extract the zip file on your computer in a folder location you can easily access.

Step 2.

After you have finished the above step, proceed and launch the SP Flash tool. If you didn’t find it from the firmware you downloaded, kindly search for it online and download it. Remember with this phone, you need the SP Flash tool v. 3.1324.0.177. Download SP Flash tool v. 3.1324.0.177 here.

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Pictures\huawi Y330-U01. 1PNG.PNG

Step 3

After launching sp flash tool, now click on the scatter-loading button. Navigate to the folder where you had earlier extracted your firmware as explained in step one. Now, the firmware I have comes with three folders. Since we are using a computer to flash this ROM, I will only select the USB upgrade file.

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Pictures\huawi Y330-U01. 1PNG.PNG

Now open the USB Upgrade folder. You will find a scatter file and a folder called ‘Rework’ open the folder and click on the scatter file then click on open. Now, click on the DOWNLOAD button. Ignore the warning pop up. Now switch off your phone, connect it to the computer, and flash that one SEC_RO File first. It should take less than 10 seconds. After completion, disconnect your phone from the PC and proceed to step 4.

Step 4

Just like in step 3 above, follow the same procedure and load the scatter file from the USB Upgrade folder. (Not the one in ‘Rework’ Folder). Click on the Open button to load the firmware on SP Flash Tool.

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Pictures\huawi Y330-U01. 1PNG.PNG

All partition files will be fully loaded on SP Flash tool,

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Pictures\huawi Y330-U01. 1PNG.PNG

Uncheck the PRELOADER partition and click on the DOWNLOAD button.

Step 5

Now, again, remove the battery from your phone and place it back. Connect your Huawei Y330-U01 smartphone to the computer. Flashing will begin. Put the phone on a flat stable surface to avoid any disturbance or vibrations that may cause a disconnection which will interfere with the flashing process. Let the process go until the end.

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Pictures\huawi Y330-U01.PNG

After flashing is done, disconnect your phone from the computer, remove and insert the battery. Power it ON. Give it time and complete the startup settings.


For this process to go smoothly, kindly I advise that you follow all the steps highlighted in this article. If something goes wrong like disconnection during flashing, your phone might get bricked which means permanently damaged. Take caution because flashing your phone will nullify your warranty and might also damage your phone. will not take any responsibility in case your phone is damaged due to failure to follow the due procedure of this article.

Finally thank you all for reading and supporting this blog site. Thanks and we love you.

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