How to recover that unsaved Microsoft Office document you closed before saving

There was a time i was writing a very lovey article
on microsoft word and then I accidentally clossed the program without saving. I
was stuck because I did not know how to recover that un-saved Microsoft Office
Word document that I closed before saving. No need to worry anymore, there is a
solution to this matter. I will tell you vividly how to recover that un-saved
Microsoft Office Word, microsoft office power point, excel and publisher that
you closed before saving
on how to recover that un-saved Microsoft Office Word you closed before saving
In order to recover the document of which you
clossed without saving or you had saved part of it and then you made changes
and accidentally closed the microsoft document before saving the changes, just
follow the following simple procedure.
 1.      Open the Office 2010 applications that
you were using, 
 2.      Click the File tab.
 3.      Click Recent.

 4.      Click Recover Unsaved Documents if you
are in Word 2010, Recover Unsaved Workbooks if you               are in Excel 2010 or Recover Unsaved
Presentations if you are in PowerPoint 2010.

     5. Your saved drafts folder will open in a new
window. Select the file and then click Open  

6. In the business bar at the top of the file, click
Save As to save your file to your computer.

There you have it, Hope this helps know how to
recover microsoft document you clossed without saving. If you were working on a
project or a very long article that you really do not want to redo just because
you clossed the document before saving the changes, then you have a reason to
smile because you can now comfortably recover the text document at the comfort
of your table. Remember you can use the same method to recover a microsoft
power point presentation, microsoft excel or worksheet that you accidentally
clossed without saving the changes.
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