Tech Items You Need In Your Office

Running a business can be tough enough without having to worry about furnishing and decking out an office. While technology is essential for your employees to do a good job, there are so many gadgets out there, picking the best of the bunch can seem more of a help than a hindrance. Fear not, we’re here to help sort the wheat from the chaff and leave you to deal with the more important things like focussing on managing your company. Check out our top picks below!

Automated Essentials

Heating and lighting may be necessities for your office, but these elements can cost a fortune when left on unnecessarily. Run both from electronic keypads so that you can change the temperature across your whole building with just a flick of a switch. Your lighting can also be controlled through the same system, or change them to lights that use motion sensors so that they shut off when no one is around. This will save money in low traffic areas ad assist employees who may have their hands full in working environments. By automating these parts of your office, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to power down your office again!

Automated Door Locking

Keeping your office safe should be a priority and automatically locking doors are a fantastic solution to keeping your building secure. Use fingerprint verification technology on storage rooms with particularly valuable goods are data and key fobs or code pads on each door to prevent people from having access to rooms they shouldn’t be in.

Safe Printer

If you’re used to dealing with sensitive information or data then ensure you’re using printers that need to be activated with a code when printing. This is particularly great if your printers are in centralized locations that anyone can access. All you need to do is set each employee or department up with their own individual code that they punch into the printer to release the paperwork. That way you’ll never have private information sitting uncollected in a printer tray again! It would be unfair not to mention variable data printing in this category.

Scanner Pens

We’ve all been in a situation where you need to take chunks of information out of a book or printer paper and put it into an online document but don’t want to sit and type it all up. Well, now you don’t have to! Use a scanner pen to highlight the text you need and it will automatically transmit itself onto a computer document of your choice. Just like magic!

Portable Laptop Screens

Working from a tiny laptop screen can be a struggle, especially if you work with multiple documents at once. Now you and your staff can have the best of both worlds – a handy laptop that means you can work from a smaller desk, plus another two screens so that you can multitask to your heart’s content. They’re even small enough to fit into a backpack!

Which of these tech items will you be upgrading your office with? Let us know in the comments!


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