How To Flash A TOUCH A7+ Tablet Firmware File And Fix All Software Issues

Hello dear readers. We are going to learn how to flash A TOUCH A7+ tablet firmware file and fix all software issues. If you are having issues with you’re A touch A7+ tablet and you are stuck somewhere, you can download A TOUCH A7+ firmware file from this website and flash you’re a TOUCH A7+ tablet and fix any software related issues if you are experiencing one. So, read along with me to learn how to flash A TOUCH A7+ tablet firmware file and fix all software issues. In the meantime, you can read my recent article on how to fix TEE Keybox Not Write in error on Safaricom Neon Ray J11 after flash. There are many articles on mobile phone flashing on our website you can check them out.


Now, back to our main topic about how to flash A TOUCH A7+ tablet firmware file and fix all software issues. If you are having trouble software-wise, then you can try to do a hard reset on this tablet. If it is not working and your tablet is still having issues, then now you can proceed to download A TOUCH A7+ firmware file and flash it using your computer.

A TOUCH A7+ Firmware File Download And Flashing.

Now, not every problem will be fixed by flashing a firmware file. In fact, flashing a firmware file on your tablet should be the last resolution. Try to diagnose your tablet to know what problem it has first. If it is a hardware problem, then try to have it repaired but if it is a software issue, then try to reset your tablet. If the problem still persists even after performing a hard reset, then you will have to flash a new stock firmware file. In that case, I am going to show you how to flash A TOUCH A7+ tablet firmware file and fix all software issues.


  1. Windows PC
  2. SPD USB Drivers installed
  3. A TOUCH A7+ Firmware file
  4. Miracle Box (v 2.82 or higher)
  5. USB Data cable.

Method On How To Flash A TOUCH A7+ Tablet Firmware File

Follow the following steps keenly and correctly to flash A Touch A7+ tablet using your Windows PC.

Step 1

This is the most important step of all. All you need to have first and foremost is the A TOUCH A7+ Tablet firmware file. Before this article, I had tried so hard to find a direct link to download this file. But now, not anymore. You can Download A TOUCH A 7+ Firmware file from the link provided in this article. Download the zip file and extract it on your PC just like you always do with other zip files. You can also check another article on NOKIA TA-1206 Mkopa Security Lock Unlock Latest Method

Step 2

Now, on your PC, Launch Miracle box software. As mentioned earlier in the requirement list, use miracle v2.82 or higher. This is because lower versions might be missing this tablet’s boot type or CPU. In our case today, we are using miracle 2.82.

mira 1.JPG

Step 3

Now, one thing you need to know is that this tablet is an SSPD 7731C chipset. So on miracle dashboard, select the “SPD” tab, and then down under CPU Type, select 7731C EMMC

mira 1.JPG

Now click on “Write” then down click on the folder to load the A TOUCH A7+ bin file firmware from the folder you downloaded and extracted in step 1.

mira 1.JPG

Step 4

After loading you’re a TOUCH A7+ Tablet firmware on your PC, now it is to flash the firmware on your phone. Click on the start button. Power off your tablet, hold both volumes up and down buttons. Connect your phone to the PC. As soon as your phone is connected, flashing will begin. Wait until the flashing process is done.


Disconnect your phone from your PC, then power on your tablet. As soon as it comes on, wait and complete the setup settings and start to use your tablet again.


Thank you so much for reading. Kindly make sure that you use miracle box to flash this firmware on you’re A TOUCH A7+ tablet. This is because the file provided is a bin file and cannot be flashed with Research download tools. Lastly, kindly remember that flashing your phone is risky and you might damage it so, make sure you really want to carry on with this procedure. Thank you for choosing


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