How To Bypass Authentication On Android Secure boot Smartphones

Hello dear readers. Hope this finds well. Thank you for visiting our blog site. For reading this articles, you are doing us a great favour and your support is well appreciated. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to by pass authentication on Android secure boot smartphones. If you are a mobile technician dealing with phone flashing, then you understand what I mean. If you have bee looking for a better way on how to remove or bypass authentication on Android, then stay put. This article is going to help you learn how to bypass authentication on Android secure boot smartphone. You can also check my other article on how to remove payJoy on D light M1000 smartphone.

Secure bot Android smartphones are so hard to flash. To flash Android secure boot smartphones, usually, you need to have authentication files. Auth files are not easy to come by. If your phone has run into a software issue and you want to flash a stock ROM or custom ROM, then you will be required to have Authentication files. In a case whereby you don’t have auth. Files, then it simply means you will be stuck. In this article, I am going to show you various ways on how to bypass authentication on secure boots.

What Is Auth files and what do they do?

As I have mentioned, secure boot Android will require that you have authentication files to flash a new ROM or firmware on them. Authentication or Auth files are like security key files that gives you an OK or a go ahead to flash the new ROM on secure boot devices. Usually, developers secure Android boot to make sure that the operating system is not altered by people through flashing Custom ROMS. And please note that flashing your phone is risky so, make sure that you really ready to bear the risk. Let us now look at various ways on how to bypass Authentication while flashing Android.

Various ways on how to bypass Authentication on Android Secure boot.

Now, having understood what secure boot and Android Authentication is, now there are ways through which you can bypass Android Authentication on secure boot. There are many ways of bypassing secure boot authentication. The first method is by using authentication files and a flashing tool. In this case, SP Flash tool. Secondly, by having tools that can bypass authentication on Android secure boot. The first method is not reliable because it is not easy to find Auth files. The second way is better and works out fine for many Secure boot Android devices.

Best Android Secure boot bypass tool.

MTK Bypass Tool.

There are many tools to bypass Android Security Authentication on Secure boots. But MTK Bypass tool stands out tall. It is so easy to use and anyone can use it without any struggle. All you have to do is to Download MTK Bypass or usually known as MCT tool, extract the zip file, install the Lib driver set up and rund MTK Bypass tool as administrator.


After the tool is succesfully launched, connect, your phone by holding both the volume up and down buttons. As soon as the phone is connected, you will see the information about your device and authentication bypassed as shown below. You can now proceed to flash your new Stock ROM using SP Flash tool.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NOKIA 1270 2.4 1.JPG

Sam Firm (AIO) Tool.

This tool is also a great tool. Infact it is the best among all other tools. This tool, besides bypassing secure boot auth. Security, it can bypass FRP on samsung devices too. The SamFirm A.I.O latest version also supports unlocking Iphone devices. I would preffer it because it is a multi tool. To use it is also easy. Download SamFirm A.I.O tool here. Extract the zip file and run the tool as adminstrator. On the tool interface, click on “ANDROID TOOLS” tab Under that, select “MTK” tab

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NOKIA 2.4.JPG

Now, click on “MTK Bypass Auth” tab. Now, on your phone, hold both the volume up and down buttons and connect your phone to the computer. Also read my article about How To Bypass FRP on Samsung A10/A10S Without SIM CARD. In that article, I expalined how to use SamFirm to bypass FRP on Samsung smartphones. otherwise, proceed.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\SAM FIRM 1.JPG

SamFirm will detect your phone and bypass security authentication. With the phone still connected to the PC, Flash your phone with SP Flash tool.

Those are the two best Android secure boot bypass tool that you can ever have. Download them from the liks I have shared here. If you find this article helpful, kindly don’t just leave it like that, share this article on social media and remember to also follow us on our social media handles and also join our Forum. Thank you for reading. See you again in the next article.

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