Get Voice Notification for WhatsApp Activities and Messages

Did you know you can get Voice Notification for WhatsApp? WhatsApp has become one of the most used messaging, calling and general communications app. This had made it also one of the most interesting apps to use around. Among the latest tricks from the users of the app is the ability to get voice notifications for WhatsApp activities. That will save you lots of time when you have to check your phone each time it rings. Better yet, you get to save yourself the pain of missing out on important messages. Activating this feature is actually easier than you thought.

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Get Voice Notification for WhatsApp Activities

First of all, install the voice for notification app to start the notification process. But that is not the only app you need as you will need another one.

The second stage is downloading the text to speech app. These two apps are what you will need to make it work. But how do they work to bring voice notifications for your WhatsApp activities?

Now Launch the voice for notification app. The app will need to have active accessibility settings for it. Thus, go to the settings and give this app the accessibility access it needs by turning it on.

When you open it again, it will allow you have the voice notifications you need in many apps including Gmail and many other communication apps.

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It is that simple to enable Voice Notification for WhatsApp. When the messages start coming in, you will not need to check the actual sender of a message anymore. If your friend messages you, you will know it is them. Quite convenient if you are waiting for an urgent message and you have many people texting you. You can always turn it off with the other sounds by muting your phone.

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