Five Ways to Screen Mirror Android Smartphone to TV

Given the high amount of content one can view on their device, there is a wish to view it on a larger screen like your tv. This arouses the need to Screen Mirror Android Smartphone to TV. Some of you may prefer to call it, connect Android smartphone to the television set. However way you want to call it, I will be showing you how you can watch your favorite movie or video on your smartphone directly on your tv.  There are many ways of mirroring your mobile phone content onto the tv. We will be looking at five major ones.

Some want to do this for the sole purpose of playing the android games on a bigger display.Ways to Screen Mirror Android Smartphone to TV

Screen Mirror Android Smartphone to TV

  • HDMI

The use of HDMI cables is the easiest of all the methods used to Screen Mirror Android Smartphone to TV. Some modern android devices come with a variant of the HDMI port which is also on most modern TV sets. However, you can get a cheap adapter and connect it directly to your TV set.hdmi port on android

  • SlimPort/MHL

The SlimPort requires an adapter but is also very easy to use. Simply connect the cable on your phone (microUSB) then plug into the adapter. With the other cable, plug the adapter cable into the TV set’s HDMI port. Just like that, you will Screen Mirror Android Smartphone to TV and the content on your device will be mirrored on the tv.

  • Miracast

Unlike the methods above, miracast is a wireless way to Screen Mirror Android Smartphone to TV. If you have the app and a compatible TV or set top box, you can create a network between your device and the tv then enjoy the content. Your television has to be a smart TV.connect android to tv miracast

  • Chromecast

With the Chromecast HDMI dongle, you can plug it into your TV set and mirror the content you have on your android device. This dongle works by connecting to your wifi service to mainly show content such has Netflix and others. You can also use it to cast the content on your device with ease.connect android to tv chromecast

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  • Screen Mirroring by Samsung

If you have a Samsung tv and Samsung phone, you are in for some great luck. The latest versions of Samsung phones and tvs have a direct way to link with ease. In fact, you can find the settings for mirroring with ease on both devices to enjoy your content on the big screen.

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That’s how to get your smartphone literally talking to your Television set. Enjoy a bigger view of your smartphone and what better way to do it like a pro. Keep it Technology Sage for more wisdom and tech tricks.

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