How to Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App

Most of us android lovers love music as well or at least have a song or two on our smartphones. Some skeptics could be like I can do without a song and so I care less about them damn speakers. Well, you could be right, but you will still need the speakers to hear your phone ring, your alarm and reminder alerts and even the cute little sounds in the android game you love. Now that that is all cleared out, we at times face the problem of poor sound quality from our android phone speakers over time. This is mainly caused by dust build-up in the speakers and hence the poor sound quality. As a result of the dust build up in our smartphone speakers, the need for a procedure on how to Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App arose. Let’s satisfy this need.

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Initially, the first course of action would be to try and clean the speakers with a piece of cloth. This only gets rid of the dust on the external parts of the android speakers. As much as this is necessary and I would recommend we do this occasionally, it does little to the sound quality of your android speakers. Some android users, desperate to reach out to the dust responsible for the poor sound quality, opt to use sharp objects like toothpicks and needle to try get the dust out.Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App arose This desperate measure is not only fruitless but also extremely dangerous with potential to ruin your speakers further.

Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App

Well folks, there is an easier way to Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App. The magic app is none other than the Speaker Cleaner App. I will outline how to use the app then explain how the speaker cleaner app actually cleans your speakers and makes them better.

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Steps to Clean Android Phone Speakers

    1. Download and Install Speaker Phone App from the Google Play Store.
    2. Open the app once the installation is done. It will display as bellow.Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App
    3. Tap on the Whirlwind icon at the top to begin the cleaning process. The app will make the phone start making different sounds at different sound levels and frequencies. Sit back and let the app do the magic.
    4. That’s basically how to Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App. You should be having better sound quality at the end of this.

How Speaker Cleaner App works

You may be wondering, how does this app get rid of the dust in my speakers? It is pretty straight forward, we know that the app creates different sound waves with different frequencies of all levels. The sound makes the speakers vibrate and sets the sticky dust on the speakers loose and hence can easily come off by either blowing on the speakers or just let the force of gravity help you out. Enjoy the awesome sound from the restore speakers. For more instant help on any question, hit Our forum.

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