How to install fonts on windows 10 quick and easy

Today, let us take our time to look at how to install fonts on windows 10. We all know that computers form the best part of our lives. We twit, we share our best photos on Instagram, we socialize with friends and family together with our loved ones on social media, entertainment is also where we get our peace of mind. Office work is also entirely dependant on our computers. In fact, they are like our offices… mobile offices. For those with portable computers. When we purchase them, they are already programmed and set to function in a way that the manufacturers set them to function. We have some features that you won’t be pleased with or even some functionalities that won’t fit your taste, but you have to leave by them. Read Also: How to Install Mac OS Update on Windows Laptop PC or Computer

But with the current world of geniuses and technological modifications, people have come up with ways to modify the way computers operate. That’s why we have TV sticks, Bluetooth dongles, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, external drives and others. Some of the things you might want to change is the way your typing looks like. You would want to enhance the fonts in those letterheads, your email attachments, your publications and others. The default windows fonts might not look appealing thus give you the urge to want yo change those finds to those you like. Yeah, it’s not a fairy tell. It’s a reality and quite possible. Let’s see how to install fonts on windows 10.

install fonts on windows 10

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Downloading and installing fonts on windows 10.

There is no much work to be done here. In fact it is just much simple than you might even think. First, you will have to download the fonts. They are available on the internet. Just search and you will find them.

Installation steps:

  1. Download the fonts you want to set online.
  2. Select the desired folder you want to store your download content. The download dialogue box will appear and you will have to go to “SAVE AS” then chose the place or desired folder you want your files to go. But if you still want to get them in the windows default download folder, just click “SAVE FILE”. Your fonts will automatically start downloading.
  3. After the download is complete, go to the specific folder which you have selected. If you didn’t select any, don’t panic. Go to My computer, then open drive C, then “DOWNLOADS”.
  4. Select the downloaded fonts. Normally .tff format. If they are not zipped, you can directly install them. But if you downloaded them in a zipped file, you will have to unzip it first. To unzip, just right click on the zipped file, on the options dialogue box, select ” EXTRACT ALL.” unzipping will begin and after a short moment, your fonts will be displayed.
  5. On the fonts, shown in the .tff format, right click and select “INSTALL”. That’s it! You already have new fonts on your computer. If you are not sure if they are already installed, you can verify this by going to control panel>>Display>>fonts. You will see all the fonts on the computer. Look for the ones you have installed. You will certainly see them among others.
  6. Now, open any document, for instance, a ms.word document. Then open a new page. On the toolbar where you normally change the fonts, scroll down the list and you will see the new fonts you have installed. Select it and try typing. Am sure a very nice smile will appear when you see how colorful it looks!

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Your windows 10 computer is now loaded with your desired fonts. I know having realized how easy and amazing this is, you will try again to install as many fonts as possible! Feel free to do so and thank technology sage later. Remember to join our forum for more interaction with the sage family.

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