GPU does not support Directx 11.0 which is required in FIFA 18

Hello gamers, this one is for the FIFA fanatics. We will be fixing the error; ‘GPU does not support Directx 11.0 which is required’ in FIFA 18. The error usually goes on to state that Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements for playing this game. The error usually pops up when you try to load or open FIFA 18 on your computer. What this means is that your computer specs are a little below what is required. In this tutorial, however, I will be showing how to go around this and be able to play FIFA 18 on low-end graphics computer or laptop. I have personally tried this on a few computers and I was able to run the game. THough the game lags in some computers but in some it runs smoothly. Read Also: Solve Your video card is below the required specification in FIFA

GPU does not support Directx 11.0 which is required

With this trick, I was able to start FIFA 18 on duo core computer, with 2GB RAM but that was it, the game could not load fully and hence could not play. On core i3 however, with 8GB RAM, FIFA 18 launched successfully but there was a little bit of lag in the gameplay. There is a fix for lags in gameplay in FIFA 18 and that’s a tutorial for another day, stay put.

How to fix GPU does not support Directx 11.0 which is required

I will first demonstrate this procedure using a video tutorial but in case you miss a thing, you can read on below. Follow the steps in the video and your game will be up and running as soon as possible.


  1. You need to Download DXCPL here.
  2. Copy it into FIFA 18 installation folder.
  3. Run DXCPL and click on Edit list. Navigate to FIFA folder and select the FIFA 18 application and add it.
  4. Checkmark Application Defined, set feature level limit as 11_1, checkmark ‘force WARP’ and ‘Disable Feature Level Upgrade’.
  5. Click on Apply and OK.

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That’s basically how we do it. Try launching the game and it should open successfully without the error. What’s more, you can use this similar technique to solve similar issues in different computer games. Say goodbye to GPU does not support Directx 11.0 which is required errors for good.

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