Use Android phone as a gamepad to Play Computer games

Are you excited about finding out how to use Android phone as a gamepad to Play Computer games? Do not know about you but, I am. In my previous publication, I talked us through How to use android phone to control computer. If you missed it, you can catch up before you get playing computer games. The thought of playing video games excites majority of computer users, as the saying goes, ”work with no play makes ‘me’ a dull boy.” Well, Jack is my other name. I can only imagine the level of excitement when we integrate using android phones as a gamepad to play computer video games on your laptop. It is a fact too that many gamers are 3D players. What ‘3D Players’ mean in this case is that you move with your gamepad in the direction of motion of the gameplay, very common in FIFA if one is either going to score or defending profusely. It gets severe when you virtually kick your legs and the force exerted on the joy sticks of the gamepads may damage the pads in the long run. It is at this point that you ask yourself whether its possible to use Android phone as a gamepad to Play Computer games such as the one you were playing. Well, from now on, it will no longer be a wish, at the end of this article, you will be able to Use Android phone as a gamepad to Play FIFA, GTA, NFS, Racing games, Fighting (combat) games among others. I will attach a video tutorial at the end of the article for the gentlemen in the ‘house’ as its believed we men are visual creatures.

Use android to control laptop


    1. Android Phone version 2.5 and above
    2. Computer/laptop/PC running windows 7/8/8.1/10
    3. Game to be played.
    4. Monect PC Remote.

Procedure; Use Android phone as a gamepad to Play Computer games

Before we get to todays business, let me clarify that the devices in use, that is, the computer and the laptop have to be bluetooth or Wi-Fi supported. This is because this procedure, using android phone as game pads to play computer games, requires a connection between the two gadgets either through bluetooth or WiFi.


Owing to the fact that I had covered the steps in my previous article; How to use android phone to control computer, I suggest you check out the procedure of installation of Monect PC Remote on the android phone and the computer or laptop. The steps are closely linked, check it out and catch me in the next paragraph when you are all set with the installations and have the game you intent to play on your computer too and lets use android phone to play FIFA on computer.

How to Use Android phone as a gamepad to Play Computer games;

  1. Open Monect Pc Remote on both the phone and computer and using the bluetooth option, connect the two gadgets.
  2. After the connection is established, you will have an array of options to pick from. Among the available options, you will see a gamepad, a racing controller and a GTA gameplay icon. Pick whatever suits the game you want to play and launch the game.

I have a preference for soccer and playing FIFA on my computer using android phone as the control game pad was one of the best experiences ever. The video below demonstrates this procedure in use. Feel free to watch it for a re-cup of the steps above.

Enjoy the game guys 🙂

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