How To Fix “Please Set Baudrate To 460800” Miracle Box Error While Removing Security Lock On Itel It5081

Hello dear readers, welcome to the technology sage blog. In today’s article, we are going to learn How To Fix Please Set Baudrate To 460800 Miracle Box Error While Removing Security Lock On Itel It5081 feature phone. If you have ever tried to unlock the security lock on itel it5081 phone using the miracle box, then you might have encountered this error on the miracle box flashing tool. It’s kind of frustrating because no matter what, this error just keeps persisting. I am not yet sure what causes this error. With many other itel5081 phones, everything goes just well with the right boot selected.


I have done quite a number of articles on feature phone flashing. You can check them under the mobile phone category and read more. You can also see my recent article on Safaricom Neon Ray J11 Pac. Firmware Download and flashing free. In the meantime, let’s proceed and learn how to fix Please Set Baudrate to 460800 Miracle box error while removing the security lock on itel it5081.

How to fix Set Baudrate to 460800 Miracle box error while removing security lock on itel it5081

Now, if you have tried to flash this phone to remove the password on the miracle box and you are getting the Set Baudrate to 460800 then we have a way you can fix that.

Please Set Baudrate to 460800.JPG

If you have tried everything but you are still getting the same problem, then, let us see how to solve this problem and remove the security lock on itel it5081 feature phone. Before we proceed, you will need to have the following requirements:


  1. Windows Computer
  2. Itel 5081 Firmware File, which you can download itel 5081 pac file here.
  3. Research Download R19 Tool (Please use version r19)
  4. USB Data cable
  5. SPD drivers (If necessary)

Step 1

The first and foremost step you need to start with is to Download Itel 5081 Stock Firmware. We have provided the link to download the firmware. Download the zip file and extract it on your computer with WINRAR or 7 ZIP extracting tools. The zip file comes with several versions of the itel 5081 stock firmware. Don’t panic, you can use any of those files. They will work fine.

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Step 2

After you have downloaded and extracted the firmware zip file, now you need the tool to flash the files to your phone. And for your information, it is important to know that this phone is an SPD 6530 CPU. To flash files on an SPD chipset, you need an SPD flash tool or also known as the research Download tool. You can download one from the internet it is easy to get online. In this article, I used Research Download ver.19. After you download it, launch the tool.


Step 3

Now, you need to load the firmware files to the Upgrade Download tool. To load the pac file to the tool, click on the first Gear button on the dashboard then navigate to the folder where you extracted the itel 5081 firmware you downloaded. Choose one and click on “OPEN


Step 4

Now, until this point, your firmware is loaded. To flash it on your phone, click on the “PLAY” button. Now, remove the battery from the phone, place it back on the button above the call button.


While holding the boot key, connect the phone to the computer via the USB data cable. Flashing will start. Hold the boot key steady until flashing is done and you see “PASSED” on the dashboard.

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\Itel it5081 flash.PNG

After flashing is completed, disconnect the phone from the USB cable, remove the battery and place it back, then power the phone up. Your phone should boot up, as new as from the counters.

Thank you for reading and also for your support. You can also check for our other articles on our blog site. I am sure you will learn quite a lot. See you again in the next article.


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