5 Best Free Dating Apps for Teens

Online dating assuredly has its perks as it has made romantic dating way less unpredictable and intimidating when it comes to approaching someone you’re into, especially if you are on a pretty shy side. But with a fine online dating app you can tweak your profile so you don’t have to worry about messing up your first impression. And your online pool of possible matches is never limited to those people you usually see and meet at school or college every single day, so a dating app can give you way more options.

Most online dating sites and apps do have strict age restrictions, in fact, so it might be pretty hard to find the one that is actually geared towards teenagers with their specific needs. However, there are a few win-win options – the ones with strong safety features and a lot less of a shallow hookup culture happening – provided by https://planetofbrides.com/list-user/ and https://www.shaadi.com for the under-20 crowd.

  • Yubo

Yubo, an online dating app formerly known as Yellow, actually feels kind of like a mix of Tinder and Snapchat. A user can swipe right on those profiles looking interesting and attractive and go for a live chat via video. Moreover, the app has also included a bunch of safety measures, like phone number verification that allows keeping fake accounts from cluttering up your profile – yet creepers may own cellphones too, that’s why you still need to be careful.

  • Nearify

Alright, so this one isn’t initially a dating app, though it can definitely make “offline” romantic dating a lot less awkward, and that’s just all most teens want. Nearify lets its members view a broad list of events happening nearby and invite people who may be interested as well. Furthermore, you can sync it with your Facebook account in order to see what events your friends chose to attend – so, you can just show up at the concert or festival your crush is attending.

  • Skout

Skout’s truly distinctive feature is “shake to chat” – simply shake your device and you’ll get paired in a text/video chat with someone nearby – which is basically the online-romantic dating-app alternative of randomly bumping into your potential match somewhere at a cafe, rom-com-style. With that, if you’d rather not leave your match up to chance, you can always scroll through hundreds of profile photos tapping one to start a conversation or leave a comment.

  • Bumble Date

This is yet another right-swiping online dating app, though, with an interesting twist – Bumble Date encourages a “girls make the first move” principle that means you have to reach out within 24 hours before the match expires. This feature cuts down on quite a number of unrequested D-pics and stupid emojis, which is always a decent thing.

  • Taffy

One of the crappiest things about online dating apps is that you are clearly making a snap judgment based entirely on person’s profile pic – so you could easily end up vetoing your potential soulmate simply because their profile photo is not really your type. At the same point, the fun thing about Taffy dating app for teens is that a user’s profile is shown blurry at first, and the more time you spend chatting with the person, the clearer the pic becomes. In this way, by the moment you know what your match really looks like, you already have a solid feel for their personality.

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