10 Ways to reuse your old iPhone

The phone has become an indispensable device for everyone. We are always trying to keep in touch with people. We also use our devices for entertainment, searching and processing information. But the ways how to use an old iPhone were much wider than they seemed at first glance.

Selling the device

One way to get the last benefit of the device is to sell old iPhones. Old models are long-lasting and are in demand even now. Not every user can afford the latest model of the device. Sometimes it is a situation when an additional device is urgently needed or as a spare to temporarily replace a broken one. They are also bought for children, so as not to worry about damage to property.

This method will make you say goodbye to your old device. But there are ways to reuse the device for personal gain. Here’s what to do with an old iPhone.

Virtual reality device

You bought a new iPhone. Use your old smartphone along with the hardware to turn this into a virtual reality helmet. If you get a call, you will answer it from your new phone without slowing down. This combination of elements will provide good entertainment for you.

Pocket document scanner

There are a wide range of applications available on the internet to turn your device into a pocket document or photo scanner. Install the software and use it as needed. Your phone has communication tools. You can easily process the information, save it in the format you need, and send it to your destination immediately.

Game console

There’s no reason to waste any more batteries on entertainment. A permanent device can be needed at any time. Using your old phone as a gaming console is a great use for it. There is no need to worry about a lack of free memory or missing a call. The old device can be upgraded with special game pads to make it more convenient to play.

GPS navigator for transport

Not all means of transport are equipped with navigation devices. Put an old phone in your car or on your bike, and you can track your way. The iPhone has a standard navigation app. If that’s not enough, you can download another one that’s more convenient for you. Have the new phone in your pocket and the old one secured to the dashboard. This way, you won’t leave your car without forgetting your device inside or having to go back to the garage.

Digital camera for photos and videos

There are many devices and extra lenses on the market to turn your phone into a professional camera. Apple installs quite high-quality cameras on their devices. An old-model phone is able to take a professional picture or record a video with high resolution. Independent experts confirm that even older Apple phones have better cameras than newer models from other manufacturers.

Tracking device

Worried about your child? Take an old phone, install an app on it, and put the device in your child’s backpack or jacket. This way, you can see where your child is at any time. If you are carrying valuables in your suitcase and are afraid of losing them, put the prepared device in a secret pocket or hide it behind a fabric lining. Hopefully, you won’t need it. But if your luggage is lost, you’ll know where to find it.

Baby care device, tracking and incident recording system

Don’t worry about your home or office while you’re away. Install the app for security on your phone and leave it at home as a tracking system. Find a good position and watch what’s going on from a distance. Plug in the power just in case. When the monitor is on all the time, it will use a lot of battery.

A car DVR requires money and installation services. Lock your phone inside the car and take pictures of what is happening. You will have to delete the recorded video sometimes, but it is cheaper than buying a surveillance system. Install an app that will erase the video yourself, no problem.

We have already described several methods for surveillance using an old phone. Have an old iPhone in your child’s room to help you recognize that your presence is now required. A special app or normal methods of communication will do it for you. Listen to or monitor your child’s room, and be calm.

An alternative to a music player

When exercising or cleaning the house, many people listen to music. If you have an old phone, let it act as an iPod. Download music to the device or connect to an online broadcast when you need it. You won’t have to worry about your work device running out of battery or getting damaged during exercise.

Weather station and alarm clock

Is your old phone not being used for its intended purpose? Put your phone in the charging station and turn on the weather app. Set a morning alarm on your phone and put it by your bed. That way, you won’t oversleep for work.

A small part of the whole

These are just a few ways to use your old phone. You can use it as an electronic diary, calendar, pocket recorder, device remote and more. Just because we haven’t written about it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Every user can transform an old device into a convenient and useful gadget.

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