How To Clear Privacy Protection Lock On OCEAN T3 Smartphone.

Hello. Do you have OCEAN T3 Smartphone and you are stuck on privacy protection lock? In today’s article, we are going to look at how to clear Privacy protection lock on OCEAN T3 Smartphone. Welcome and let us all learn on how we can go about this. First, privacy protection is usually set by the user to prevent unauthorized use of a Smartphone with a SIM card that is not set to be used in the handset. This protection is key in a case where someone has stolen a phone and wants to use it.


Removing privacy protection is not a simple task to do if you don’t know how to go about it. Note that, privacy protection lock cannot be removed by doing a hard reset. Even after a factory reset, you will still end up with a privacy protection lock on your phone. You can also read another related article on How To Bypass FRP On Tecno Spark 8C KG5J Smartphone Using CM2 Dongle. Another thing you need to note is that the contents of this article are strictly for educational purposes only and should not be used for illegal purposes. Let’s now look at how to clear privacy protection lock on OCEAN T3 Smartphone.

OCEAN T3 Privacy Protection Key Unlock

Privacy protection unlock is not an easy task. If you are trying to bypass privacy protection through performing a hard reset, then you are certainly doing zero work. It won’t work. But that doesn’t mean there is no way you can clear privacy protection lock on OCEAN T3 Smartphone. You need another method to go about that. But before we proceed on how to clear privacy protection key on OCEAN T3 Smartphone, let us look at the requirements you need to have.

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  1. Windows PC
  2. NCK MTK module
  3. MTK VCOM drivers
  4. USB data cable

Step 1

The first step is to have your flashing tool. In this case, we are going to use NCK MTK crack tool. If you have an alternative tool, then you can use it. I have miracle 2.82 but I don’t prefer it to remove Privacy protection because it has a tendency of leaving a phone stuck on logo which will mean that you flash another ROM and some phones’ stock ROM are not easy to come by. So with privacy protection on MTK Smartphone, NCK is my best tool. Launch NCK MTK module on your PC. You can also read about VIVO X9 Security Lock Unlock

Step 2

Now on NCK MTK module interface, click on the “service” tab. Under the service tab, you will see a number of functionalities you can carry out using this tool.


This tool is quite good to also use to dump firmware file backups.


To Clear Privacy protection on OCEAN T3 Smartphone, click on “Reset Privacy” tab.

Step 3

Now, after the second step above, all you need to do is to connect your phone to the PC. There are two ways through which you can do that. First, power off your phone because you need to connect your phone while it is switched off. Now, you can hold both the volume up and volume down key simultaneously and connect it to the PC. If NCK will detect the phone, then it will reset the privacy protection lock on your phone.


If you find it hard to connect using the volume keys (in a case whereby the phone is old and is missing the volume keys), just switch the phone off, connect it to the PC via the data cable.

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Step 4

Regardless of how you’ve connected your phone to the PC, NCK should detect your phone instantly; reset the privacy protection lock on your OCEAN T3 Smartphone. This process is quick and easy. It should take at least 1 minute. After it is done, disconnect your phone from the PC. Power it up and that will be it.

wikoo k610 privacy.JPG

That is the simplest way on how to clear Privacy protection lock on OCEAN T3 Smartphone.


Note that this process requires you to have a computer and the mentioned flashing tool. Don’t flash a new ROM to fix this issue if you can use this procedure. Secondly, after clearing privacy protection, after disconnecting your phone from your PC, disconnect the battery from the phone and put it back then power on your phone. This is because the phone is still in flashing mode so it wont power up directly from the pc. Lastly, I am going to make another article on the same model where I will provide the OCEAN T3 stock ROM in case you have the same phone that needs firmware flashing. Thank you for visiting and see you again in the next article.



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