Turn Android phone into a fully functional computer like Windows or Linux

Our Android phones come with lots of features that we love. We store our pictures there, have our communication there and even work from them. For most people, their Android phones are their livelihoods. However, even with all these capabilities, the area of the screen is always limited. If you wish you could turn Android phone into a fully functional computer, then you are in for luck. Using the Sentio app formerly known as andromium, you can do exactly that. In this tutorial, we show you how to do that.

What is Sentio or Andromium?

Originally, the company began as an operating system with a hub in which you plug your phone and laptop to cast your phone to the laptop. However, this plan did not go through. Now, they have come up with an Android app that actually mirrors the phone on the big screen. You get familiar features such as a start menu, a task bar with a functional system tray, a notification center, full support for a mouse and keyboard, support for multiple windows on the screen and other features. Basically, it is your phone blown up to a functional computer.Turn Android phone into a fully functional computer

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What you need

Basically what you will be doing is using the phone as the primary computer while the laptop or external display will be just that; a display. The complete list of the items you will need looks like this;

  1. Sentio App
  2. Your Android phone (it should have good specs)
  3. A monitor or television (optional)
  4. A Miracast or Chromecast device (Optional)
  5. A keyboard and mouse (Optional)

Alternatively, you can simply use a laptop to cast your Android device on the laptop. Given that this method will rely on the power of the phone, it is what should be your main concern.

How to turn Android phone into a fully functional computer

With everything set up, you can do the following to cast your phone on the big screen and enjoy productivity, bear in mind this is an optional take. Having said that, go to the Play Store and find the Sentio app. Install it on your device then grant it various permissions including all usage data and notifications to allow you manage both these features within the app.

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After that, you can to set up everything as needed so that you can start working. For this case, you can use the app and phone to connect the peripherals such as the monitor, mouse and keyboard. While you can employ a hub to connect them, using Bluetooth will make the setup process a whole lot easier and faster. But still, you don’t need these peripherals.

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Launch the Sentio app on your device and choose the scaling size on your user interface. You then see on your screen a desktop environment of your Android operating system with notifications on one side and apps ready to launch. Beware as this is not as powerful as the actual operating systems such as Windows or Mac. Rather, it is simply your Android operating phone extrapolated to a large screen. When Sentio launches a dedicated laptop she’ll call the SuperBook, your Android phone will be capable of so much more.

You can watch the video of this whole process too and understand better.