Transform Pictures into PDF Text Format Using this Android App

Writing notes is not an easy task for most people especially students in the university. The best way to deal with a lot of notes is to automate the whole process and the one tool that does a great job at this is the Text Fairy app. This app is the best when you need to transform pictures into text format on your phone. It packs many useful features which will appeal to users in various capacities. You may also want to know about How to Use Android Camera to Solve Maths Problems 

How Text Fairy worksPictures into Text Format

Text Fairy is a form of OCR text scanner that derives text and images from pictures and converts that into texts. To use it, you have to take the picture of the page with the text you need to use. Make sure that the images are taken in good lighting and are sharp enough to be visible on the screen of your device. Also, Text Fairy does not read handwriting content thus only text from printed books will make it to the app. After taking the picture simply hit the conversion button and the conversion will begin. Among the features of this app include;

  • Correcting the viewpoint of an image.
  • The ability to edit the text copied from the image.
  • You can also convert the copied text into a PDF file.
  • You can copy the text into the clipboard and paste it in any location you wish.
  • The most useful tool is that the app can recognize text from more than 50 major languages of the world. This means it can be used by almost everyone around the world without issues.
  • If you hate ads in free apps, then you are in for luck as this free app has no annoying ads.
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Why transform pictures into text format

There are times when you have a lot of material to read and draw a summary from. Such a case requires getting the content from the textbook then converting it to text that you can edit with ease at a later date. At other times, you may need specific content from a book but because it is the only one available, you will need to take the pictures and return the book to the owner while you use the information.

The fact that you can edit the text, share it and even change it into a PDF makes this one of the handiest apps you can have on your Android device. You do not need a computer to get the notes or text you want when you have this app installed on your Android phone or tablet. You also do not need a scanner or other machine to save text on your device since the app only needs your camera to work as needed.

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Users will love this app for many reasons including its simplicity, amount of features and the fact that it’s free without ads to spoil the user experience. And, although in the development and the creators promise to make it better by the day, it is already an awesome app to use.