How to Use Android Camera to Solve Maths Problems

Ever had a difficult math problem and you are out of time yet the tutor wants you to show how you go to the answer (if you get to the answer that is)? Well, with the Photomath app, you can solve any maths problem with a simple Android phone! All you need to do to is point your camera at the problem and you are good to go. Let’s get into the details of how to use Android camera to solve maths problems. Get your droids ready for this is fun.

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The App

Go to the Google Play Store and find the Photomath app then download it to your phone. It is a paltry 10 megabytes and will take a few seconds to be downloaded and installed on your device. When it is done installing, launch it then start the fun. Although the creators do not tell us about the requirements of the operating system, we are of the assumption that it will need a Droid running Android 4.4 and above as most modern apps require this operating system. However, it is a light app that will not burden your phone in any way.use Android camera to solve maths problems

Use Android camera to solve maths problems

The first thing to try out is a simple math problem in legible writing. For example, point the camera to a problem of 10+26 and watch it give the answer at lightning speed. You can then go in trying out more complex problems such as divisions, finding the missing value of letter (e.g. 22x + 7 = 90). Try out as many problems as you wish. The camera solutions offer results that are detailed and explained well for you to understand. Even better, you can use that for your homework for top marks.


Among the features bundled into this app include the ability to use its camera to solve maths problems of any type. As long as the problem is written in a legible format, the app will provide a solution in the shortest time possible. A new feature to recognize handwriting has been included in an update to enable you write with your hand and have the app solve it. The best part about this app is that it shows the steps to getting to the answer. This feature is great especially when you need to notice to the tutor your working method.use Android camera to solve maths problems

With this app, it is easy to use Android camera to solve maths problems. It is free but has a few purchases you can make inside the app for more features. We love the user interface of the app as it is beautiful and makes it easy to follow the steps of the problem to be solved. The colorful arrows show the direction of the problem to make you understand the problem. You can also use it to teach yourself some maths problems that you find difficult. With this app, you will be a maths guru in no time.

Watch the video of the app in action here

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