How to view Instagram stories anonymously with IG story Viewer?

We have all come to love and appreciate Instagram for how it has made it incredibly easy for people to keep tabs on our favorite people’s lives. This Instagram Stories feature allows you to share all your day’s activities in terms of photos and videos. With this feature, you can view the stories of anybody provided that you follow them on Instagram. One outstanding thing that makes it stand out is that it creates space for sharing lengthy items as it allows the shared items and viewers can view them as a slideshow. I like to view it as the perfect storytelling space because it allows me to share as many items as I can. If I am using a creator account, then I can also check who viewed my Instagram highlights?

However, when it comes to those uncomfortable instances where you are tempted to view without being noticed. What do you do when you are itching to stalk or rather keep up with that ex that you have fallen out with without tipping them off, uh? Not so long ago, people couldn’t view Insta stories anonymously. However, Instagram developers have come up with new and incredible apps and operating systems that have made it possible for people to view stories anonymously. We have incredible applications which allow you to watch stories and even download them without having anyone know what you are doing. Before going further, check out the best Private Instagram Viewer Apps if someone’s account is private.

Interesting ways to view their stories secretly

If you are a regular Instagram user, you know just how pivotal anonymity is. We have all wished to snoop on someone’s story in the profile without having them seeing. But this is not usually the case, normally when you view a person’s story, the view will be listed in their view list and your identity will be exposed to the owner of the account. Luckily, Instagram has come up with new and interesting features which have helped individuals view insta stories peacefully without being afraid of being caught snooping. One of the most iconic aspects of viewing instastories anonymously is by using the swipe back stick where you open the Instagram app and locate the profile icon of the person whose story you want to view. Open the immediate next story to that story. Hold your finger on the opened story then swipe backward without releasing the finger. With the finger still pressed on, view the story then swipe it forward.

There are two sure ways of viewing insta stories anonymously namely: airplane mode, and fake account. Airplane or flight mode is one of the most commonly used methods of viewing insta stories because you get to watch the preloaded stories. On the other hand, the fake account feature works by typically creating another account from which you can view the said story peacefully.

Airplane mode

This is one of the most commonly used ways of anonymously viewing Instagram stories. Using Instagram while your device is turned to flight mode guarantees you the anonymity that you need to navigate Instagram. Airplane mode automatically disconnects the internet connection from your phone so when you watch the stories, you watch the preloaded stories. This way, they won’t know that you have viewed their stories.

Tip: Close down the Instagram app before taking the phone off the airplane mode.

Using a different account

Another way in which you can view stories without being caught is by use of burner accounts that cannot be traced back to your identity. This is key especially when you want to keep tabs on a person for a long duration. You get to have another account yet have nothing that links you to it.

The best apps for Instagram story viewer for windows, android, and apple devices.

Instagram story viewer refers to an online application that can be used to watch Instagram stories of individuals you wish to view without them knowing it. These applications make it possible for people to view the stories of people without necessarily registering or logging into an Instagram account.

Why Instastories? apply the best Instagram viewer for windows

Instastories. watch is hands down one of the most reliable anonymous story viewers. With this app, you enjoy the liberty of watching and downloading Instagram stories without account and photos while remaining incognito on your PC.

Additionally, you don’t even have to register or login into an Instagram account to do so. Another truly incredible feature of is that it allows you to watch and download Instagram Television (IGTV), as well as stream, live Instagram feeds of any public user anonymously. Also, it does not store your data thus anonymity is a guarantee. Lastly, a user can choose their preferred language which they would use on the app.

How to view instastories anonymously with

Are you trying to use instaStories?watch, kindly follow the steps below to get there.

1. Start by copying the handle for the link of the targeted viewer.

2. Paste the copied name or link into the search box in

3. After clicking the enter button, you will be directed to the destined page that will display all the information of the person in question. While here, you will access all the information available in their biography, live streams, publications, and stories. You can now view anonymously

4. If you wish to download their story, open the publication icon and it will lead you to a download button. Check your downloads folder for the downloaded information. – the best IG story Viewer for Android and iOS is the best Instagram anonymous story viewer app for iOS, and Android because with just the Instagram API, one can view stories and even download information from public account holders. With this application, you do not need to have an Instagram or be logged in to view or download information from the targeted Instagram account. Another significant aspect associated with this feature is that you can download stories and highlights to a phone or a PC. Also, this application guarantees 100 percent anonymity of operation so your little snooping activity is safe. Lastly, you can use this service in the language of your choice.

How to view stories using

1. Copy the account or name of the person that you want to follow

2. Paste in the app’s search bar and click enter

3. On the page, you have arrived at the page whose content you want to derive.

4. You can also download items by clicking on them which will direct you to an automatic download button.

Instastories online is also an effective anonymous insta story viewer that allows one to read public Instagram accounts incognito. With the help of this application, you view Instagram stories, highlights, reels, and IGTV anonymously. Some of the most important features of this application are that it guarantees anonymity, one does not require an account, and it allows you to download IG posts and stories to your laptop or phone.

Safe ways of downloading stories, photos, and videos from Instagram while being anonymous

The good thing about Instagram’s latest feature is that you not only get to snoop but also download photos and videos anonymously. Now, you can download all the data you want from Instagram by tapping to download Instagram stories without the app. with the new features, you can export archived stories, photos, and videos for later use.

Instasaver’s amazing features

Instasaver app is an incredible download app that allows the user to download stories, videos, photos, and highlights with just a click. With this application, it is possible to download data from public accounts anonymously. What this means is that you can download anything from any account and the owner will not know that you did so, how cool. Other amazing features of the app are that you get to archive the materials directly to your gadget and that you do not require an Instagram account to download Instagram stories privately.

How do you download media with insta saver app in incognito?

1. Enter the name of the account you want to download content from

2. After clicking enter all the latest information will be displayed

3. Select the item that you want to save to your phone then click on it to prompt the download button

4. Find the downloaded video in the downloads folder.


Watching somebody’s stories by mistake can leave you feeling awkward, but the good thing is that Instagram has devised numerous incredible Instagram story viewers and downloads to help you view stories anonymously. However, instaviewers like instastories. watch and instastoriesig. me will offer you the best and most seamless anonymous viewing.


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