What We Should Expect from Formula 1 in 2022

The 2021 F1 championship will go down as one of the greatest F1 seasons of all time. In addition to the intense Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen Abu Dhabi finale, the championship drew over 1.5 billion viewers in the course of its run. The finale alone garnered 108.7 million TV viewers (an F1 record), and the 2022 championship will be looking to top that.

From changes in aerodynamics rules to the addition of a new race, the FIA is trying its best to make this season memorable. This season also brings a whole new angle to Formula 1 online betting with the signing of new drivers and the addition of a virtual assistant set to change the odds of the game. Whether you are a punter or have a betting agent that handles your betting needs, there are a lot of surprises in this year’s Formula 1. Watch out!

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Regulation Changes

Since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a number of changes has been made by the F1 governing body. Firstly, newly appointed race director Michael Masi was removed after inquiries showed that the Australian was involved in some scandal relating to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In a bid to restructure and improve race control, World Endurance Championship race director Eduardo Freitas and DTM race director Niels Wittich were both appointed to replace Masi.

Also, like most sports these days, the F1 authorities will introduce a virtual assistant in this year’s championship. The virtual assistant has been likened to football’s video assistant referees (VAR) and will help in race control.

There have also been minor adjustments to the scoring systems, and if you are looking to follow this year’s championship as a fan or to bet on it, you will find these changes very interesting. First off, in the Grand Prix, points will now be awarded to the top eight finishers rather than the top three in previous years.

Also, drivers with the fastest time in qualifying will be official pole sitters, and the first-place grid spot will now be reserved for the winner of the sprint.

Scoring points for uncompleted events is a very controversial aspect of F1 racing. After the controversy surrounding the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, the FIA has decided that it’s time they made some changes.

Venues and Tracks

F1 racing is coming back to Miami after a successful run last season. One more race has been added to make it a record-setting 23 races in a single championship. And for the first time in three years, Japan, Singapore, Canada, and Australia will host races.

Bahrain will open the campaign like last year, with the finale set for Abu Dhabi again. The full schedule of the races with exact dates, time, and TV broadcast was released late last year.


After a dramatic end to the 2021 championship that saw Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton to the title, rumors of the Mercedes driver retirement began to spread. Fortunately for lovers of the sport, Sir Lewis confirmed that he would participate in the upcoming season and team up with fellow British driver, George Russell, who had an impressive three-year run with Williams.

Valtteri Bottas, who was with team Mercedes last season, will move to Alfa Romeo and replace Kimi Raikkonen, who retired after two decades. Guanyu Zhou will partner with Valtteri and become the first Chinese driver to debut in a full Grand Prix.

He will be looking to make his country proud and follow in the footsteps of Marlon Stöckinger, who became the first Filipino f1 driver to win a formula race in Europe.

Williams will be replacing George Russell with former Red Bull man Alexander Albon who will partner with his former DAMS F2 teammate Nicholas Latifi.

Ferrari will be making no changes to their lineups, with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. continuing as drivers. No other team changed their drivers, with a few drivers signing long-term contracts. Below is the updated list of teams and their drivers for the upcoming championship.

  • Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton (44) and George Russell (63)
  • Red Bull: Max Verstappen (33) and Sergio Pérez (11)
  • Ferrari: Carlos Sainz (55) and Charles Leclerc (55)
  • McLaren: Lando Norris (4) and Daniel Ricciardo (3)
  • Alpine: Fernando Alonso (14) and Esteban Ocon (31)
  • AlphaTauri: Pierre Gasly (10) and Yuki Tsunoda (22)
  • Aston Martin: Sebastian Vettel (5) and Lance Stroll (18)
  • Williams: Nicholas Latifi (6) and Alexander Albon (23)
  • Alfa Romeo: Valtteri Bottas (77) and Guanyu Zhou (24)
  • Haas: Mick Schumacher (47) and Nikita Mazepin (9)


Cars, Designs, and Engines

With massive changes to aerodynamics rules, the 2022 championship promises to be insane in terms of race cars. For the first time since the ban three decades ago, the use of ground effect will be reintroduced. This will change the way cars crash and set us on a path for a new formula 1 top speed.

With this new regulation, designers will be allowed to design cars closer to the ground, allowing for more speed. Since it was announced in 2020, it has been on people’s Formula 1 watch list, and we honestly can’t wait to see the new car designs.

There have also been major changes to the type of tires we will see in cars, with the championship enforcing 18 inches (46 cm) wheels as an upgrade to the 13 inches (33cm) used last year. This is another major factor that can see the Formula 1 top speed change this season. If you are looking to follow the F1 season this year or bet on it, you should take note of these changes.

Final Notes

The 2022 F1 championship will kick off on March 20, with another Abu Dhabi finale set for November 23. The fans’ plea for an African Grand Prix has been ignored once again, and though there will be no Filipino f1 driver to cheer on this year, the Lewis and Max rivalry and cool car designs will surely keep us entertained. So if you are a proud fan, a seasoned punter, or a betting agent, this season will offer all you need and more.


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