How to Reset and Unlock Samsung I5500 Security Code

Hello, dear esteemed readers. Hope you’ve had a Merry Christmas. First I have to thank you all for the support you’ve given us this year. Thank you so much for your continued support. Welcome ones again. Today, I am going to show you how to Reset and Unlock Samsung I5500 Security code. If you have this Samsung I5500 smartphone and you are locked out because of a forgotten security lock, then this article is just meant to help you out on how to Reset and Unlock Samsung I5500 Security code. I know you will just think like I did the first time I tried to unlock this phone. The hard reset method. The problem is that this phone doesn’t just enter the recovery menu by a combination of power key+Home+volume up. Now, at this point, it dawns on you that to reset this phone is a piece of work. But, continue reading this article and learn how to Reset and Unlock Samsung I5500 Security code. Also, feel free to check my article on How to Format Sony Erickson E15i smartphone.

Latest method on how to Reset and Unlock the Samsung I5500 Security code.

I am going to show you the new and latest method on how you can reset and unlock the Samsung i5500 security code. Kindly, will need to carefully follow the steps I’m going to show you to successfully Reset and Unlock Samsung I5500 Security code.


To Reset and Unlock Samsung I5500 Security code, you will need the following requirements:

  1. Windows computer
  2. Miracle box flashing tool
  3. USB data cable.

Step 1

Now the aim of this method on how to Reset and Unlock Samsung I5500 Security code is to force this particular phone to boot into recovery. Remember you can not manually boot this phone into recovery mode. So the first thing you will need to do is to force this phone into recovery then continue to reset it from the recovery menu. To start, you will need Miracle box flashing tool as per the requirements above. Launch Miracle Box tool. If you don’t have the tool, contact me, for just a fair price I will give you the tool.

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\SAMSUNG I5500 1.PNG

Step 2

In the second step, on the Miracle box flashing tool dashboard, click on the QUALCOMM tab. Now, on your Samsung I5500 phone, connect it to the USB data cable. Under the USB option menu that will come on the screen, select the first option. Now back on Miracle box. Click on SCAN. You will see the Samsung port now active and selected.

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\SAMSUNG I5500.PNG 1.PNG

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Step 3

Now, until this point, if you are able to follow me until this step, then you are on the right path. Now, Click on the ANDROID tab on the miracle dashboard. Under that, click on the BOOT TO RECOVERY button. Remember the only thing we want to do is to have the Samsung I5500 boot into recovery mode.

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\SAMSUNG I5500.PNG 2.PNG

After you have selected the REBOOT RECOVERY option as shown in the screenshot above, now click on the START button. Remember until this point, your phone should still be connected to the computer while still ON.

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\SAMSUNG I5500.PNG 2.PNG

Step 4

Now lastly, after you click on the start button in the previous step, the Miracle box will initiate action on your phone to reboot into recovery mode. Your phone will go off and boot up again in recovery mode. If interested, kindly check my previous article on How to Flash Safaricom Neon Ray and Fix Boot mode/Stuck on Fastboot Issues.

C:\Users\abala\Pictures\SAMSUNG I5500.PNG 3.PNG

After the phone has entered the recovery mode, use the volume and down keys to navigate and the power button to select. Reset the phone to factory and then reboot it. Thanks for reading and see you again in the next article. In case you need assistance, kindly reach me on Facebook and I will be able to help.

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