How to Factory reset a china android phone with chinese recovery menu.

A sage has to know How you can Factory reset a china android phone with Chinese recovery menu. It’s for this purpose that this article will come in handy for all the sages. With the current increase in demand for android phones, it is a fact that countries in the English-speaking nations have opted to import android phones from China to satisfy the growing demand. It, therefore, adds that the imported phones have Chinese as their default language and therefore the recovery menu is also in Chinese.

We are often forced by circumstances to factory reset our android phones because it is not booting anymore or you just to try to make them function as expected. It is undeniable that most of us have problems maneuvering around the recovery menu of the Chinese android phone because we literally don’t understand a thing. Must Read; Find your lost Android or iOS device super easy using Google

Why the need to factory reset Chinese Android phone

If you are reading this, then definitely you are looking for a solution to the problem and I will show you what each of the items in the Chinese recovery menu really means and what it does.

Well, before I show you what each item in the recovery menu means, let me tell you how to enter this recovery menu. Entering this recovery menu is really easy, follow these simple. NOTE: this method will wipe all the data on your phone. If you prefer not to lose your data, follow the steps on this use this post How to Unlock Android Pattern, password and pin lock without losing data

Steps to Factory reset a china android phone with Chinese recovery menu

1. How to Get to Recovery Menu

  • Make sure your phone is turned off.
  • Press the ‘volume down’ key and the ‘power button’ at
    the same time.
  • If your phone has a mechanical ‘home key’ and not a
    capacitive home button, then you can also press it. that is, volume down +
    home key + Power button
  • Press those buttons and keep holding them until you are
    in the recovery menu.

factory reset Chinese android phone

2. Interpretation of Factory Reset menu on Chinese android phone

Once in the recovery menu, you will see several lines in Chinese. You can switch between the lines by pressing the ‘volume down’ key to move down the menu and the ‘volume up’ key to move up the menu. You can use the power button or the home button to enter any of those options. The menu may defer depending on the model of phone. The meaning of each of the items in the chinese recovery menu is illustrated in the diagram below.

factory reset Chinese android phone
1.    Manual Test; this option is used to test whether the selected aspect of the phone is working perfectly.
2.    Individual test; this one narrows the test to individual items such as the LED lights.
3.    Test results; this option gives the overall test results of the functionality of the phone.
4.    Debug test options; Tests the debug functionality of the phone.
5.    Wipe eMMC; this option is the one used to factory reset your phone and is easy to identify because it has eMMC in
it. eMMC basically means internal memory.
6.  Version Info; This option shows basic information about the android phone including the software version, build
time, IMEI number, just to mention a few.
7.   Reboot; U can use this option to reboot the phone.

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3. Final Step to Factory Chinese Android phone

If you ever wish to factory reset your phone and you get a chinese recovery menu, use the ‘Wipe eMMC‘ option. I believe this article has answered these various questions such as  how to factory reset tecno m3, tecno c5, tecno c8 how to factory reset tecno m5 and how to factory reset tecno p5 because they all have their recovery menu in Chinese.


I believe you are now equipped with the knowledge on How to Factory reset a china android phone with chinese recovery menu, read on for more educative tricks and info on this blog.

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