How to Bypass FRP/Google Account on Itel A14

Hello dear viewers. Welcome again to technology sage where tech meets institution. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to bypass FRP on itel A14 smartphone. If you are locked out of your itel A14 because of Google account, worry not for I am going to help you on how to bypass FRP on itel A14 in a very simple and easy way anyone can just follow the procedure and be able to do it. FRP simply means Factory Reset Protection. This is a kind of device lock that makes your phone inaccessible in a case where it falls into wrong hands and it is the factory reset. For that case, this article is solely for educational purposes. The content of this article should not be used in any form of theft or other mobile phone fraud and modification.

Requirements on how to Bypass FRP on Itel A14

In order to carry out this procedure, there are a list of requirements you will need to have in order to bypass FRP or Google account on Itel A14 smartphone. They are as follows:

  1. Windows computer
  2. Download itel A14 pac file
  3. Research Download tool
  4. SPD drivers installed

How to Bypass FRP on Itel A14 Using Research Download.

You might be wondering why we should use this process instead of simply using the manual way to bypass the Google account on this phone. I think the answer is already clear. If you don’t know, then it is because the manual process will not help since it is not working with this phone that is why we had to use this method. Nevertheless, it is a simple process that is going to work out well and solve your problem on how to bypass FRP on itel A14. Follow the following steps keenly. You can also check my earlier article about How to Flash Safaricom Neon Ray and Fix Boot mode/Stuck on Fastboot Issues. Otherwise, let’s proceed.

Step 1

Download the correct firmware for this phone. You can find the link here to Download itel A14 pac file firmware for itel A14. Remember you need to be keen not to download the firmware for A14S instead of A14. There is a difference between A14S and A14. Download the zip file from the link provided and then extract it to a folder you can easily access. To extract zip files, you will need WINRAR or 7-zip software for windows. After you are through, proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Now after you have got the pac file for itel A14 and extracted the zip file, then you need the tool to flash this file to your phone. There are different tools you can use. If you have a CM2 box or dongle, you can use it to flash this file on your phone. If you have a miracle box, you can also use it but if you don’t have any flashing box, then you can get the official SPD flash tool to flash this file on your phone. Sometimes the tool is provided alongside the firmware file and if it is available in the zip file you extracted in step 1 above, then proceed directly to step 3. If not, you can Download the SPD flash tool here from this link. Extract the zip file just like in step 1 above and run the Research Download tool.

Step 3

Now after you have downloaded the SPD Flash tool or simply research the Download tool, run or open it. Now at this point, we need to load our firmware file to the flashing tool. On the dashboard, click on the first gear.


Then navigate to the folder where you extracted your itel A14 pac file. Click on the pac. file to the folder where you extracted your itel A14 pac file. Click on the pac.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\itel A14S 3.JPG

File then select it to load to the Research download tool. Give it time to load. After it is done loading the file and the file name is displayed on the dashboard, proceed to step 4.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\Itel A14.PNG

Step 4

Finally, the next remaining thing is to now download this file on the phone. To flash itel A14 to remove FRP lock, click on the “PLAY” button as shown below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\ITEL A14S 4.JPG

Now, on your phone, switch it off. Or rather remove the battery and place it back. Hold the volume up button which is the boot key for SPD smartphones, and then now connect your phone to the computer using your USB data cable. As soon as you hear the connection sound from the computer, you will see the flashing progress on the SPD research tool as your firmware partitions are being flashed on your phone. Place your phone on a steady surface and let the flashing proceed until you see “PASSED”.

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Step 5

Carefully remove your phone from the computer by disconnecting it from the USB data cable. Since it is still in download mode, remove the battery and then put it back again. Power your itel A14 on. It will take some time to boot from the itel logo. After it is done, just complete the setup settings and there you are. You will have removed FRP or Google account lock on your itel A14 smartphone. That is the easiest way on how to bypass FRP on itel A14 smartphone using the SPD research tool.


This process will save you all the trouble of doing the FRP bypass manually and in case you don’t have any flashing dongle or flashing box. Make sure you follow all the due steps keenly. Please keep in mind that there is a difference between itel A14 and itel A14S. The A14S firmware will not work on A14. And just to caution you, you should know that flashing your phone may damage your phone is not correctly done and it will certainly void your phone’s warranty. So, flash your phone at your own risk.

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