How to Format Sony Erickson E15i smartphone

Hello friends. Welcome to Technology sage blog site. Do you have a Sony Erickson E15i smartphone and it’s locked? If you are reading this article then, the answer is yes. In today’s article, I am going to show you How to Format Sony Erickson E15i smartphone. This one is one of the very first Sony Erickson Android smartphones Sony ever produced since the introduction of smartphones and Android technology. Sony Erickson E15i smartphone operates on Android 2.3.5. It is a very nice phone. With the back curve design, it is small but it fits perfectly into your hands. You can check also my earlier article on how to bypass FRP on Samsung J200H/DS

If you are having this phone and you have forgotten your unlock code or password, don’t worry. I am going to show you How to Format Sony Erickson E15i smartphone. I am sure that by this moment, if you have forgotten your unlock code, then without a doubt you have tried the hard reset method. And, unfortunately for you, you cannot hard reset Sony Erickson E15i cannot be reset through the recovery menu like other Android smartphones. This is why you have to read with me to learn How to Format Sony Erickson E15i smartphone. Follow me and learn more.

How To Format/Reset Sony Erickson E15i Smartphone By Flashing Stock ROM

Since it’s not easy to find software that can directly format Sony Erickson E15i, the best way could be to do a hard reset. But still, unfortunately, you cannot perform a hard reset with a combination of buttons to get to recovery just like the modern Android smartphone. Too bad isn’t it? But there is always a way on How to Format Sony Erickson E15i smartphone. The only remaining method is to flash a new stock ROM. The following are steps on How to Format/Reset Sony Erickson E15i smartphone by Flashing Stock ROM


You will be required to have the following requirements:

  1. Windows computer
  2. Sony Erickson E15i stock ROM. Download Sony Erickson E15i Stock ROM here.
  3. Sony Erickson Download Sony Erickson E15i Stock ROM
  4. Sony Erickson Drivers. Download Sony Erickson Auto USB Drivers from this link.


Download Sony Erickson E15i stock firmware from the link provided. Extract the zip file in a folder destination you can easily navigate to.

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Install Sony Erickson mobile drivers. If you can’t update directly from the device manager, download the drivers from our forum. Just install the auto-install driver file. Drivers will automatically be installed.

Step 3

Launch the flash tool by extracting the file and running the installer to install the program to your windows computer. After you have completed the installation, search for the program you installed, and then run it. If your computer is 64bit, run the 64-bit flash tool. If you are using the 32bit computer, then use the other one.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\sony.PNG

Step 4

Now, on the flash tool dashboard, click on the first icon. The one that looks like a lightning icon.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\sony.PNG

On the next menu, select FLASH MODE then click OK.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\Sony erickson 1.PNG

Step 5

After completing step 5 above, the next window you will get will look like in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\Sony erickson 2.PNG To load your firmware, click on the button shown by the arrow to navigate to the folder where you extracted your firmware in step 1. Select the folder containing your firmware then click open.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\Sony erickson 3.PNG

Step 6

Now, until this point, you need to have installed Sony Erickson Mobile drivers. If you had not, it is just simple. Just run the automatic driver installer you downloaded from our Forum.

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C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\Sony erickson 4.PNG

Leave wipe Data and Wipe Cache checked as they are and then click on the OK button below. Now, having installed your drivers let the flash tool load the files and when it is ready, you will see the instructions on how to now connect your Sony Erickson E15i. To connect your phone, connect your USB Data cable to the computer’s USB port. Power off your phone or remove the battery and have it back. Hold the bottom right key and connect your phone to the computer as shown below.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\Sony erickson 5.PNG

Step 7

After your phone is correctly connected, flashing will begin. Please release the button and put your phone somewhere it cannot be interfered with.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\Sony erickson.PNG

After flashing is completed, disconnect the phone from the USB cable, remove the battery, place it back, and power your phone up, wait for some time as it boots up. Complete the startup settings. You should be able to use your phone again. That is How to Format the Sony Erickson E15i smartphone. Thanks all for visiting. See you again in my next article.

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