Best iPhone Tracking Apps for IOS 2018

There has always been this belief that owning an iPhone is just a classy thing on its own. I don’t know how much of that do you believe. But the truth of the matter is that apple as a company has earned a great reputation over the years because of the great craftsmanship it has put on its devices. Be it Mac desktops, iPhone smartphones down to Apple tablets and its gear wears. These gadgets, despite being expensive, their high prices are worth because of the art and the great features added on them. It is true android has done a great job when it comes to reaching out to everyone and making android phones easily usable by almost everybody, but iPhone has stood out to be just unique in its own way. I don’t want to spark a war between these two giant smartphone operating systems since I know everyone has their own opinion, let that be the topic of another day. Today I want to talk about something else. I want to teach you more about iPhone tracking app. I know now this is becoming interesting. Isn’t it?

Reasons why you need iPhone tracking app

If you own an iphone and have never thought about having an iPhone tracking app on your iPhone smartphone, maybe you haven’t found a good reason to. But there are many justifying reasons why you should have an iPhone tracking app on your iphone device. Maybe after reading this article keenly, you may find reasons sufficient reasons why. There are many reasons to have an iphone spying app on your phone. Let us just look at some of them:

  • If you have school going children or if not, if you just have children, it’s quite prudent to keep track of them. What they are doing on their phones and to know exactly where they are. Iphone tracking apps will easily do this for you.
  • If you own a company, sometimes it can really be hard to trust some of your employees. You can have iphone tracking app on their iphones to keep vigil of their activities and protect company secretes from leaking outside and also monitor communication of your staff and keep an eye on their locations whenever you send them to deliver a package for you.
  • They say love is a great thing to find. And when the cupid’s arrow pierces you through the heart, don’t resist that feeling. But still it comes with a price. And sometimes trust issues arise. So, if you are finding it hard to trust your partner, iphone tracking app is all you need to know the truth. You can install iphone tracking spyware on the target phone and you will get to know the truth.
  • Lastly, for your own safety, you can have an iphone tracking app on your iphone and let your loved one keep track of you and also as a safety precaution for your phone just in case it falls into wrong hands that is, in case you lose it to theft.

Having given you the above reasons, I believe you have now realized why you should have an iphone tracking app on your iphone. The question is how? What are the requirements?

What you require to install iPhone tracking app

Having read the reasons above, I believe you may need to continue reading this article. Because this is where it gets really interesting. To install these apps, first of all you need to have your phone jail broken. In common terms we say “rooted.” Why should you have your iphone jail broken? This is to make sure that the iphone tracking app you install takes full control of your mobile phone’s functionality. For more information about jail breaking iphone smartphones, search on Google or visit YouTube. After having your iphone jail broken, you will now need to download and install iPhone tracking app on your phone. And remember that jail breaking your phone nullifies your iphone’s warranty. Now, how do you know the right iPhone tracking app that works right for you? I want to give you some apps you can install that are genuine and works great for your phone. They are: Mspy, Mobile Spy and SpyBubble.

  • Mspy

I will emphasize more about Mspy iphone tracking app because it has been used for quite a long time on iphone and it works great. It has amazing features which suits your spying needs. This app is an Mspy developed app. It is a premium app that you can find it on Just for a few dollars, you will be able to download this app and enjoy all features. All you need is to install this app on the target phone be it your children’s, your employee’s or your spouse’s phone. This app covers all your spying needs. Mpsy comes with the following features:

  • Get real time GPS location of your employees, your children as they go to school and when they return and get your spouse location. Now you will know if she is in a shopping mall as she tells you or not if she’s lying. Know your children’s position and monitor every movement from GPS satellite on a map. Know when your package is delivered or whether it is on its way with this feature.
  • With Mspy iphone tracker, you can read text messages from the target phones inbox. You can read both sent and received text messages on the target phone. This way, you can see what your child, employee or your partner is texting over the phone.
  • Read and monitor all social media activities on the target phone. Read snap chart messages, whatsapp, facebook messenger and tweeter.
  • View all the pictures or photos and videos in the photo albums on the target phone. You can know who your wife or child is taking pictures with by accessing and monitoring the gallery.
  • Access the entire call log on the phone you are spying. View call logs and phone book at the same time. Know who has called, who your employee, child or your spouse has called straight away. View all contacts and access the phone book.
  • Lastly, Mspy iphone tracking app has a very sleek UI and the good news is that it is compatible with Android devices too.

To be able to track your target phone, all you have to do is open the Mspy website and then log into Mspy and there you will spy your phone with spying features provided.

  • Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is also one of those iphone tracking apps that have proven to be very effective over time. They work almost similarly to Mspy app. It comes with great spying features too and I would recommend that it is a great app and equally effective and you can also try it out. This app is also a premium app. You will require having your iphone jail broken too just like in the case of Mspy. Mobile Spy makes sure that your children are safe and you can monitor them in real time. You will be able to access the following features:

  • Read text messages from the target phone. Both sent and received.
  • Access every detail of the call log and phone book
  • Access photos through the gallery and also the videos from the targets phone.
  • Monitor all social media apps like facebook messenger, whatsapp, instagram and more.
  • Gets instant GPS location of your children using the location feature.
  • Geo-fencing feature enables you to get a notification when your children leave a specific area.

This iphone spying app requires that you set it first on the target phone. Then tracking or monitoring can be done through the app’s website.

  • SpyBubble.

Finally SpyBubble finalizes the list of our top three iphone spying apps. Though little is known about SpyBubble, this is not an app you can just neglect and sweep under the carpet just like that. It still possesses the power and ability of a spying app. You can download and use a seven day trial period and then buy the premiums to continue enjoying full features. You need to have your phone jail broken too. With this app, you can do the following:

  • Track your child or employee by GPS even if the GPS is turned off.
  • Access contacts and call logs at the same time.
  • Know what your child, employee or your spouse is doing on social media by accessing social media apps and emails.
  • Read all the text messages in the inbox and see who is chatting with your partner and equally delete them remotely.
  • View all pictures in the gallery and all videos.
  • Block both inbuilt and third party apps.

Final opinion

All the three apps I mentioned above are very genuine and very effective. There are many other iPhone tracking apps available online but I have simply selected just those I feel are the best. Both require premium charges but SpyBubble offers one-week free trial where afterward you will be required to buy premium features. Feel free to download these apps on their respective websites. Keep your children safe every time. They are your responsibility. If you want to know the truth about your partner, install iPhone tracking app on his/her phone and you will confirm your doubts. If you are an employer and you are in doubt of your employee’s workmanship and trust, still install any of these iPhone tracking apps on their phones and manage your work securely.

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