How to Fix “official Binaries are allowed to be flashed” Error on Samsung A30 Smartphone.

Hello readers. Welcome back again to our blogsite. Today I will be showing you How to Fix “official Binaries are allowed to be flashed” error on Samsung Galaxy A30. The reason for this error is usually a software problem on your Samsung Galaxy A30. If you are getting this error on your phone, then Iam sure you are so frustrated and you really want to fix it as soon as possible. Iam also sure that your phone cannot proceed beyond this error. Usually, you can not do anything beyond there. But relax. Technology sage has got you covered. If interested, you can also check my previous article on How to Flash Tecno S1S using Miracle Box

First, I can tell you is that you have just visited the write place where you will get solutions to most of your technology-oriented problems. Don’t write your Samsung A30 off yet. There is a solution to that. Continue with this article and Iam going to show you How to Fix “official Binaries are allowed to be flashed error”. One important thing you have to know is that this problem is caused by software problem on your A30. It is hard to figure out where the problem came from, but it can be anything ranging from unsuccessful rooting process, trying to root, a problem during hard resetting process or even trying to lock your bootloader. But that aside, let us focus on the main agenda, How to Fix “official Binaries are allowed to be flashed” error on Samsung Galaxy A30.

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A30 (305F) Stock ROM and Fix “official Binaries are allowed to be flashed” error.

Now, to fix this error on your Galaxy A30, the only thing you need to do is to flash another stock ROM. At some points, some minor software issues are usually easily solved by simply hard resetting the phone. But at this point, Iam sure you have tried that method but you have still ended up with this error. What you are going to do, is to flash a new stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy A30 to fix this issue. If you are not sure of how you are going to do that, worry not for Iam going to show you just how to do that.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to download Samsung Galaxy A30 flash file. You can find online on various sites. But always make sure to download the exact software for your smartphone. Consider the version of the firmware too. Because a different version might cause your phone to crush after flashing or during the process. After you have downloaded the firmware, extract it and save it into a folder you can easily access. Remember that Samsung firmware are not like MTK or SPD pac files. It comes with several files namely: BL, AP, CSC and CP.

Step 2

Download Samsung flashing tool. Usually, Samsung ROMs are flashed using Odin. There are various versions of Odin flash tools. Download the latest one. As for this article, I used Odin 3. If it comes zipped together within the firmware, just extract and open it.

Step 3

Now, hoping we are together until this point, it is time to put your Samsung Galaxy A30 (A305F) into download mode. Now if you have ever flashed other Samsung phones, you might be wondering how you are going to boot this phone into download mode since this particular model doesn’t have the pressable home button like others. Here is what you should do. First, Connect your USB cable on the PC. Don’t insert it in the phone first. On the phone, switch it off. Hold both volume up and volume down keys at ones. Now, connect your phone to the computer. You will see that it boots into download mode. Press the volume up to enter into download mode. On the Odin flashing tool, you will see “ADDED” meaning your phone is connected to Odin and is ready.

If it doesn’t show that, as is in some cases, just start by booting the phone into download mode before you start Odin. The moment Odin is on, you will see “ADDED

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Step 4

Now it is time to load your files on Odin. Hope you remember the folder you extracted. Start by loading your files one by one. While your phone is still in download mode and connect to the PC via the USB cable, on Odin, click on “BL” and navigate to the folder containing your file and load the “BL” file. Wait until it is loaded. Do the same for AP, CP and CSC. There are usually 2 CSC files. CSC and CSC HOME_ CSC file. Choose HOME_ CSC file.

Step 5

Make sure all your files are loaded correctly and each file where it is supposed to be. After all the files are loaded correctly, Click on the START button at the bottom. Odin will start flashing your files on your Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphone. During this time, don’t touch the phone or move it because it might interfere with flashing. On the phone’s screen, you will see download progress. Relax, you can pace out in the room, do something to keep you busy as you wait for flashing to complete. After completion, you will see “PASS!” in green on the top left Conner of Odin dashboard. This means the process is successful. Also read my Article on How to Remove Privacy Protection Key on Android

Your phone will automatically boot up with a blue Android robot and show that it is upgrading. Let the phone finish and now when it is your turn to complete the start up settings, gladly do so because your phone is now up and working again.

Until there, you must be a happy man again. Your phone is working and bye to stress. The only thing that I will kindly require from me is to just subscribe to this blogsite and also visit our YouTube channel for videos about mobile phone fixing, computer tips and tricks and many more tech videos. Thank you very much and see you in the next article.

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