How to Expand RAM on android phone and Tablet.

To your knowledge base comes another tip on how to expand RAM on android phones and tablets. You may have asked yourself this question whether it is possible to increase the RAM of your android phone or tablet. Time for the simplest answer to this question from the technology sages themselves. Well, it is possible to expand RAM on android phones and tablets by taking advantage of the available memory on your SD card or the internal storage memory of your phone. We learned How to install Windows Operating system on Android Phone or tablet and let’s add this to the docket. With this procedure, you can increase the RAM of your android phone up to 4GB in addition to what you already have.

How to Expand RAM on android phone and Tablet

I have to mention however that this procedure requires your device to have root access, ie to be rooted. Check out this post on how to root your android device or alternatively use Kingroot to root your device. Having done this, you are all set to have more RAM on your android phone and tablet and increase general performance and speed of your android device.

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How to Expand RAM on android phone and Tablet


  1. A rooted android phone/ tablet
  2. ROEHSOFT RAM expander
  3. SD Card (optional)

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The video below explains the whole procedure as simple as possible. For those who believe in seeing is believing, watch it, otherwise proceed below the video for the written tutorial.

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Steps Expand RAM on android phone and Tablet

  1. Download and install ROEHSOFT RAM expander. Get the Roehsoft RAM Expander APK File or install from play store. aware it is a premium app on the play store.
  2. Open the app once installed, you will be prompted to grant the app root permission. Do so by clicking OK on the pop up box. Expand RAM on android phone
  3.  and tap on Optimal Value for the phone to calculate the maximum amount of ram it can support.Expand RAM on android phone You can adjust the memory but do not go beyond the maximum the phone or tablet can support. This means you can only adjust downwards using the slider shown in red below. (This is optional)
    Expand RAM on android phone
  4. The next step is to tap on SwapActive tab at the top left of the your android device.ROEHSOFT RAM expander
  5. You will be directed into the available external and internal storage mediums. Select the one that you wish to use some of its memory as RAM on your android device.ROEHSOFT RAM expander
  6. Once done, you will be taken back to the previous window and you are then required to tap on the SwapActive tab again to initiate the process.ROEHSOFT RAM expander
  7. The Swap process will begin once you do the above step. What this does is that it creates a swap file in the chosen storage device equivalent to the size specified in step 3 above. It is this part of the storage memory, ie, the swap file, that will be used as RAM in addition to what you already had on your android device.Increase ram on android phone Depending on the size, it may take a little while to create the swap file. Sit back and relax.

That’s it, enjoy improved functionality and performance on your phone.

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