Why does my phone shut itself down when using flash?

At times, your phone may shut down when using flash to take pictures. This is a common issue identified by people on their devices. The phone shut down when using flash occurs at random or at specific times. Whatever the case, this occurrence may be due to many different reasons some of which are identified here.

Battery issues

The first major cause of this problem is your battery. To understand this aspect, a little delve into the workings of a camera flash will be beneficial. When you open the camera app, the ambient light sensor close to the camera lens will sense whether the amount of light is enough to take a good picture or not. When not enough, the flash is activated to illuminate the scene for better quality pictures. When you hit the shutter button (whether on the side or the screen), the flash will light up and stay on until the lens has taken the needed picture.Phone shutting off when using Flash Like a torch, the flash requires an electric charge to flow through it for it to give off light. This brings us to the reason why your battery might be the reason your phone goes off when you use the flash. Unlike other uses for your device which requires a small amount of charge to work, a camera flash requires a heavy and spontaneous charge from the battery to give off that strong light required by the camera lens. This aspect will require your battery to have the capacity to quickly discharge to provide the needed charge.

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When your battery is too low, providing the needed charge for the flash will be too much of a burden and thus it could lead to your device shutting down. This will be a shutdown due to low battery. You can check if it is this reason by charging your phone fully before taking a picture. Also, plug in your device and try using the same flash. If in both cases the device still shuts down, then the problem is more than a low battery.

Another reason your battery may be the one to blame is the type of battery in your device. If you have started experiencing this issue after replacing your battery, it could be that the new battery cannot sustain being discharged quickly to provide power to the camera flash. Thus, each time your fire up the flash, the battery loses charge so quickly that it shuts down. Read our previous articles on How to Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone, Can I Leave my phone charging overnight? and Top 5 Best Long Lasting Battery Smartphones 2017

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At other times, your device may shutting down when you use the camera flash due to hardware problems. This can be an issue with the way the battery communicates with the flash. You might have noticed that the phone may heat up before shutting down when you use the flash. A conflict between the battery and flash can mean that your device shuts down to prevent crushing or other major problems.


At times, your device’s software might be the reason it shuts down each time you use the camera flash.

In all cases, consult with your technician to establish the issue.