How to Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone

You can now Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone in this day and age of rapid technological advancement. This could have seemed like a dream but yes, you can charge a phone off another phone. A Majority of us are familiar with the use of power banks to satisfy emergency power needs for our android phones. Read More: Use Android Phone To Control Computer Or Laptop Through Bluetooth

Picture this, you have your power bank, yes, but for some reason, it has no power, at the same time your friend’s phone is full of charge. The only realistic scenario would be for you to share the power charge between the two phones. With this method, you can now be able to transfer charge from your friend’s phone to your own.Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone

Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone

Here comes the magic trick, is it really magic? Let’s find out. Do note that for this method to work, there are certain prerequisites that should be in place. I will outline them in detail and once you grasp them, it will be as easy as plug and play.

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Requirements to Charge phone off another phone

  1. USB OTG Cable
  2. USB Cable
  3. Android Phone with charge
  4. Phone to be charged

Let me just explain a little further the requirements listed above. The USB OTG (USB On The Go) cable refers to the cable with a USB standard port on one end and the normal android compatible pin on the other end. The android phone from which that charge is to be drawn from has to be OTG compatible, you can check the OTG compatibility using OTG checker app. Requirement number two is self-explanatory.

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Let’s get into the steps involved in charging a phone using another phone. The video below explains exactly how it works. Watch it at your own pleasure, as I always say, ‘Men are visual creatures’ and the video is for you guys. Otherwise, proceed to read the steps below the video.

Steps to Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone

  1. Connect the OTG cable into the phone with charge, (it could be your friend’s phone)
  2. Connect the USB cable into the OTG port.
  3. Now connect the USB charger into the Phone to be charged.

The illustration below shows how the connection should be.

Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone

The phone will start charging immediately you plug the USB charger. Remember that the phone from which the power is being drawn must be on. You can now take note of your friends whose phones have OTG support. Never run out of charge the next time you are out partying with those friends. Take advantage like the real technology sage that you are.

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